I enjoy this forum even though I suspect we are all just pissin' in the wind. The newspaper only publishes one letter every 30 days from any particular reader and they always edit out the best parts so this is a much better place to vent.

Anyway, nobody has anything positive to say about Kerry and his record after he returned from Vietnam. He's not a strong candidate for President. He's the anti-Bush candidate with no accomplishments of his own.

But look at who the Democrats had out there: Edwards, a slick freshmen Senator too short on experience to be a real viable candidate; Sharpton, uh... no way; Clark, anti-war ex-general also completely lacking in political experience (and a little psycho maybe); Dean, who was also a little psycho, but more credible than Kerry; the black lady (I forget her name), who was completely un-electable, but probably the most impressive, capable and sincere of the bunch; Kucinich, short, unelectable, humorless, psycho commie.

Where are the real candidates? Where's the big names? The capable and respected Democratic governors?

They didn't want to run because beating an incumbent war time President has no precedent, and attacking Bush on the Iraq war is un-American and political dynamite. Kerry will likely weasle out of that too somehow.

The real candidates are waiting for 2008, but will likely be facing a very strong candidate in John McCain.