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do you think that everyone who votes in The US or Canada is always informed?

no, probably not, but at least they are compelled.. compelled enought to get up, and make time in their day to go vote because they want to. i think if it is made mandatory, voting will become like having to eat your peas, or clean your room. the concept of 'forcing' people to do something that they either dont want, or dont care to, will NEVER work in the US. if there is one thing i know, its that americans dont like being told that they HAVE to do something. its an interesting idea, but wont work at all.

but, what i did find interesting, is that i saw some deal that an effort is being made to make election day, a national holiday.. that way, you are off the whole day, and have NO excuse as to why you cant get to the polls and vote. i would love the paid free day off work, but i think it is a sad state of affairs that they feel the need to give us the day off, so our lazy a$$e$ will hopefully get off the couch and go do something that might change the course of history. americas lack of interest in the direction of its own government is baffling to me.. kinda sad actually!!