OK, too hot to deal with, right?

So, let me ask the question ... Arafat, a murderer, not only of children, a leader who gave the order to dispatch Palestinian children to don explosive laden clothing and blow themselves up and kill Jews on busses, in pizza parlors, restaurants, Passover Seders ... Arafat, the man who ordered the murder of political contenders, Arafat who stole from the Palestinian people the blood money sent by the EU, Arafat, the man who controlled the Palestinian press, the man who attempted to kill Jordan's King Hussein, the man who left Lebanon in civil war for a decade, Arafat, mourned by Chirac as a man who died before his life's work was done (there are still Jews in Israel) do liberals look at this man as a freedom fighter or a murderer? a tyrant or a sympathetic figure? How about conservatives?

Jimmy Carter is on his way to the funeral. Anyway, now that Arafat is dead, maybe there will be peace. One can hope. You can't have peace when there is hate in the heart of a people.
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