I'll bite.

Arafat was a pathetic little worm of a parasite that has finally decided to take the eternal dirt-nap that has been his due just reward for many years. Any world leader that honors his death is nothing more than a pandering shell of a man/woman. Many will rejoice in his honored leadership over the palestinean people and his efforts in the peace process. Every last one of them should be ashamed. He was nothing more than a spineless opportunistic terrorist that deserved nothing more than a high-powered round planted deep between his eyes.

Man...that felt good.

Not matter what the cause....TERRORISM IS TERRORISM. Sympathize w/ the Palestinean cause, but do not honor those who openly sponsored terrorism in the name of that cause.

Yes..I know that I'm breaking my earlier statement of intent not to post here again. After numerous vodka-tonics, I somehow lost that self-control thing.

While I'm here, you guys need to take a breather here and ratchet things down. We are all like-minded Axiom-lovers. We had a good civil dialog going which has recently gone south....not surprising w/ the election. Either take some time and decide to continue the dialog in a productive manner or perhaps this thing just needs to end. There's enough animosity over at the other forums to tide us over. Let's try to keep this one positive in nature.