First of all, You called me a fool ... and still you see nothing wrong with that. There was nothing in telling me to "quit fooling myself" that was respecting my opinion. Especially in light of the fact I gave no opinions, I just posted some easily verifiable facts. And whether you like it or not, EACH post someone makes is an indicator of intelligence. I never said you LACKED intelligence. YOU made an assumption that I was saying that. Read my post again.

Second, I started every business I own from scratch, and in fact, I hired my father to work for me. He retired rather well, too. I have to see to it several hundred people have good jobs, that our companies do well enough to grow and that the harder working, more successful people in my employ have the opportunity to advance. In the past three months alone, we have added 30 new positions, most paying over $40,000 per year. Since you alluded that I am "more like Bush", and you think Bush got everything he had through "Daddy", you have also insulted me again. And again you were WRONG.

I thought Bill Clinton did a pretty good job. I think George W. Bush is doing a pretty good job. I don't go around tossing the word "idiot" at people.
Old enough to know better.