Knowing how gov't works, a national sales tax will likely be implemented without the repeal of any other taxes. We'll have an even greater burden.
Not an expert here, but I believe alcohol burns much hotter than gasoline, resulting in shortened engine life or added manufacturing costs.
I'm one who would like to see the unfettered and groundless Bush-bashing end (not just here, but everywhere). I felt the same way when Clinton was getting crucified for having a little sport on the side.
If I were President I would be overwhelmed by the honor to serve in that capacity. I believe that every President feels that way. Sure, sometimes it takes some dealing to get things done, but I believe that every President in my lifetime wanted what was best for his country.
So, to disagree with policy is understandable, but to just be hatin' - that is ugly. And it looks like post-Jerry Springer America is eating it up.