Speaking of Credit, I know this has been commonly reported, but I thought I would mention it, in the off chance that someone may have missed it.

Those of you in the West and Midwest parts of the US are now entitled to one credit report per year, FREE OF CHARGE, from each of the 3 credit reporting companies. They will be available to those in the South and the East on June 1, and September 1, respectively.

AnnualCreditReport.com (The FAQ at this site will answer a LOT of your questions.)

I recommend you pay the extra 6.95 at Equifax to get your "Credit Score," which is not included in your "credit report." Spread the reports out over the year, and you can check your credit every 4 months. A good thing to do.

It's free, now, for many of us, and soon will be for the rest. Ya got no excuse any more.

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