I have a pair of M3Tiis, powered by a Musical Fidelity AC3 amp (85 watts at 8 ohms, 170 at 4 ohms, 340 at 2 ohms) in a room measuring roughly 18 ft by 18 ft. The room is not ideal for sound (it has a wall of french doors and quite a bit of gym equipment in it). The M3s sound lovely at low to medium volume levels, but to my ears they seem to congest a bit in the low end when handling tough material at higher volume levels. (At the price, I am definately not knocking them.) Would you recommend adding one (or two) subwoofers and if so which ones? How would I wire them to the M3Tiis? There is no separate subwoofer line out on the amplifier. I am interested only in music (no home theater) and in purity of sound. I listen to a wide variety of music and absolutely detest sloppy base. Space is a consideration. Thanks.