I can see their Ads now..."BIG.. BIG SOUND AT BIG BIG SAVINGS. WANT BIG SOUND AND BIG SAVINGS, COME GET THEM NOW, NOW, NOW. THIS WEEKEND ONLY, AND ONLY THIS WEEKEND. COME TO THE COUNTY FAIR AND IF YOU REVIEW OUR SPEAKERS WE'LL GIVE THEM TO YOU FOR FREEEEEEEE" We need the guys voice that does the Monster Truck or Moter Cross ads to scream this one at you on the radio. Then have one of the spead talkers do the ending...."Only in Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia are these considered good speakers. Free speakers are only given to those between the ages of 90-90 1/4. Please see special details on the back of the speakers to see if they work with your system. Not all speakers are the same and may vary in color from black to yellow...."