No, no, no tleigh, the Ultra Gold Package is all wireless and if you upgrade today (see upgrade small print) to the Ultra Amazing Diamond Package (one time upgrade fee of $19.99/mo) you will get the mood package. With the Mood Package your speakers will be able to tell what mood you are in and play the that mood type of music or movie. Sad...Journey. Mad....Primus. Happy...Brady Bunch (only music played on these speakers). On top of this very, very special offer we will send out our Tech to set up your system for FREEEE!!! He will not only get your turn table working right but will also throw in a BETA cleaning rag for FREEEEE (see notes on page 101. Note, page 101 not supplied at this time). Now how can you, yes you, pass up on this one time offer.

I don't know why Stream has not contacted me to offer up a VP in Marketing position. I'll write up some reviews and all they have to give me are some of those fantastic speakers I've heard SO MUCH about.