My new system arrived last week and consists of the M40ti, VP100, QS4, and HSU VTF-2 sub. I have only set up two channel stereo so far, I have someone coming to install the wiring for the surrounds on Wed. (My wife's only issue was NO wires running all over the living room!).

Everything is running thru a new Marantz SR5200 receiver. My comments are basic, I do not know all the proper terms, anyway..

Out of the box these speakers sounded great to me, but they are getting unbelievably better everyday. Today was my first "Holy S!@t" moment with the speakers. I was blown away with the soundstage (if that is the correct term). I was sitting right in between the two speakers on my couch, about 9/10 feet from the speakers themselves, and the whole room just opened up and filled with sound, I swore there was music coming from my center, and it is not even hooked up! It was truly unbelievable, something I never experienced with my old JBL speakers, I must have found the sweet spot. I cannot wait to get the sub running and see how that compliments the M40ti's.

These speakers matched with my new Marantz SR5200 are blowing me away as I write this. I was hoping for alot when I bought these, it took a few days, but I could not be happier right now! It was a bit scary buying without hearing, and I was VERY close to ordering the B&W 602.5 speakers, but I am glad I took the chance - better sound (IMO) at a cheaper price, you cannot beat that - Thanks Axiom!

I'll post more of my thoughts once the HT system is up and running.