I now have two complete HT speaker setups:

M60s, QS8s, VP150, JBL PB 12 subwoofer

M40s, QS4s, VP100, EP175

Out of the new set I have only got the M40s out of the box, as I don't have a receiver for the second room yet.

The first thing I noticed is that the M40s have a resonate 'boop' when playing a sweep test that the M60s don't. I wish my test disc had tracks to break up the test so I knew close to what frequency it was but it doesn't. Other than that the M40s have the same build quality, and sound great. They do have a different sound than the M60s, but I can't decide which I like best. For some things I like the M40s better for others I like the M60s better.

I need to spend some more time comparing once I get things setup a little better, so I will write more later.

Has anyone else played a frequency sweep test on their M40s? If so is it clean, or does it have the resonate 'boop'? I just wasn't expecting it from them.