I’m eventually going to have to buy some more gear (within 6 months). If I ever get off my ass and finish the HT, my HK is going downstairs to drive the HT system. I’m still looking around for speakers for the HT, which will most likely be Axiom, but who knows?? I like change…lol.

But I’m not seeking input on speakers right now. I need some input on my stereo set up that will remain in the great room. I do not need a tuner, as I use satellite. In addition to the satellite, I just play CD’s. I’m not into multi-channel disks either. I leave that to movies and prefer the good ol’ stereo sound.

Assuming that I stick with the M80’s in this room, what would be the best option for driving them? Please educate me with the abundance of options out there for amps/receivers/pre-amps/integrated amps/etc/etc…

I would like tone control, inputs for the CD and satellite, plus an option to input my PC as well (another unfinished project in this friggin house that I pre-wired with cat 5 and coax). Oh yah, a remote would be nice!!

Another thought bouncing around in my head is running two pairs of towers in this room. Has anyone ever tried this? How will this affect the soundstage? Bad idea? How would I have to place the speakers to fill the room with stereo sound?

For budget, let's keep in under a grand for now.