I really wanted to get the m80s and save some money, but I just purchased a pair of Monitor Audio silver s10. I've been looking for new speakers for about the last 6-7 months and I've finally found my speaker. Last year Ron (RCVECC)was kind enough to have me over to demo his m80 and I really liked them. Around that time I had also had the chance to demo the Paradiom 100 v3, B&W 604 s3, B&W 703, Klipsch RF-7 and a few other speakers (you can read my review from last year if your bored http://www.axiomaudio.com/boards/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=HT&Number=62759&page=&view=&sb=&o= ). After hearing all these speakers I decided that the m80 was for me, because it did so many things right for the price, so my plan was to get the m80 around Christmas last year. Then I started reading post from BigWill, Chesseroo, Saturn, Neverhappy, Etc... about how the MA sounded like th Axiom but with a bit more restrained treble and a really nice midrange. The other thing that made me start looking into other speakers was the fact that Axiom had raised their prices. At $1100 the m80 was a steal, but if I was going to spend $1240 and possibly shipping if I wasn't happy then I figured I might as well see what other speakers are in that range. Then I saw the prices on the MA s8 (msrp $1499) and S10 (msrp $1999). Now the s10 is a real lot more than the m80 even with the price increase, but I found a dealer that was willing to let me demo a pair against my friends Paradigm 100s. Now the 100 has always impressed me and I felt the m80 was similar to the 100s with less bass while the m80 exceled in the treble and midrange.

Well I demoed the s10 against the 100s and I instantly fell in love with the s10. Now this is the speaker I've been looking for. While I still feel the 100s are one of the best sounding speakers I've heard and I always felt that getting the m80 was like getting the B&W 703 or Paradigm 100s at a bargain price, I just could resist the sound of the s10 and the look of the wood veneer cabinets. The bass was just soooo tight and the midrange and and treable are just perfect for me. The s10 is a detailed speaker without being harsh or bright. The s10 isn't as detailed as the m80s and it's more detailed than the 100s and has tighter bass that's seemed punchier than the 100s. So for me I guess for me the perfect speaker lies somewhere between the 100s and the m80s and that's how I would describe the s10.

So I just wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE who introduced me to MA speakers over the last few months. While I haven't posted here in months I've been lurking and reading post like a mad man. While I love 100s and the m80s, I just couldn't resist the s10s.

The s10s cost me $1600 out the door tax included. That's about $360 more than the m80s and I could have gotten the 100s for about $1900+tax. All and all I spent more than I planned, but I feel that after all these months of searching I got what I wanted and I also got more than I planned.

I know this is the Axiom forum, but I've always been impressed how Axioms allows discussions about all different kinds of speakers noit just Axiom. So I've been gone for a while, but I guess I'll be hanging out around here again even though I have MA speakers.

I saw you asked for pic in another post so here you go.


Now all I have to do is pick up my MA center on Monday and I'm all set. I also think I'll be getting the Axiom surrounds in a few weeks to replace my current JBL surrounds because I read how great they are.


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