I think the mystery we are all trying to understand is how our ears can adjust to the speakers even if the speakers are playing at home and the ears are at work

I guess the only explanation is that our brains are able to adjust to remembered sound even if the sound is not playing at the moment. That is not inconceivable -- current thinking is that the strongest associations are with sound, ie meaning gets tied to the sound of a word, smells get tied to sounds, emotions get tied to sounds etc... with all of the other connections being indirect (image connects to sound, sound connects to smell for example) -- so it's not impossible that the brain has some extra capabilities to adjust to remembered sound.

Ajax (I think) made a very good point in one of the other threads... if the speakers were actually changing, then presumably some people would prefer the "before" sound not the "after break-in" sound, but AFAIK nobody has ever reported that.
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