After seeing that so many folks here are into reds as much (if not more) as myself, I figured a wine thread was in order. This way I can keep track of everything here for my next shopping spree.

No fighting over speaker wire please.

Here’s my favorites (so far).

Cab – 99’ Silverado, 13.5 %
00’ Provenance Nappa, 14.4%
Merlot – 00 Provenance Napa, 14.4%
99 Stetzner, Stags Leap Dist 14.3%

This one is more of a blend than anything in particular. It’s a wonderful wine. Marietta, Angeli Cuvee, 15.6%

All of the above are full bodied with lots of berry flavor. Don’t ask me more than that, I’m not a wine taster, I’m a wine DRINKER. You can also still get any one of them for under $30 (US), which is usually as high as I go. There are simply too many dam good wines out there for under $20 to make me feel the need to spend more.

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