Thought I'd share some deatils of my visit on Sunday with 2x6. Drove to his new palatial hill-top home - ocean views, sea breezes, what a spoiled bastard! - and was treated very nicely. The house is just flat out awesome! And 2x6 is OK, too.

Ironically, in this multi-million dollar home we spent most of our time listening to music from a $20 Chinese T-amp through some $15 Michaura speakers! That is what they call "irony", ain't it? I'm not sure that the T-amp has the sound everyone is looking for, but it is a stunning little bit of equipment. I was just amazed that the little thing was capable of making ANY music. It weighed about as much as a pack of smokes!

My only disappointment was that the big Thiels weren't set up (that and he only had two beers in the frig! ). I would have loved to hear those behemoths (and drink a sixer of someone else's beer). Maybe next time.

This forum has been fantastic in many ways: learning about HT and audio in general, making new friends, communicating with folks far flung across the globe... Very cool.

Thanks again, 2x6, for inviting me over. You have a standing invite to come out to my place anytime.

The wife loved those onion bagels this morning, muchos gracias.