M3 Bookshelf Speakers Boston Cherry (pair) B-Stock

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The Axiom Audio B-stock Store is a great place to save on our v4 products that end up with a slight blemish in the production process. The blemishes are cosmetic only and do not affect the performance. These blemishes are always quite minor and would be hard to find from 3 feet (1 meter) away. The warranty on all products purchased in the B-stock Store is five years. Products sold in the B-stock store maintain our same 30 day in-home trial. Prices are in pairs where pictured in pairs. To add some level of clarity to each B-stock product there is a grading system. An Excellent B-stock product means the flaw is on the bottom or the back or requires a lot of searching to find. A Good B-stock product has one flaw that is not visible from more than 3 feet (1 meter away) or is behind the grille. A Scratch and Dent B-stock product has multiple flaws and/or a flaw that is pushing our 3 foot rule. The prices are reflective of the grade.

B-Stock products can only be shipped to Canadian and US destinations.

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