Epic 60 350 Home Theater System

Epic 60 350 Home Theater System

Axiom's award-winning Epic 60 / 350 system is a solid choice for listeners who expect realistically loud, clean playback levels and thrilling DVD movie and multichannel music playback almost the equal of the Epic 80 system. The Epic 80 will play louder in bigger rooms, but in terms of transparent tonal balance, the Epic 60 is virtually its equal. And because the M60 tower main speakers are an 8-ohm load, any good-quality A/V receiver can easily drive them, especially in rooms of 2,100 to 5,000 cu. ft or “great rooms” with vaulted ceilings that don't exceed 5,000 cu ft.

The M60 main towers that anchor the system achieve wide dynamic range and excellent, clean, high-volume performance with an airy, spacious soundstage and neutral, high-accuracy music reproduction. At an attractive 37-inch height, the M60 features dual 6.5-inch aluminum-cone woofers, a dedicated 5.25-inch midrange, and a one-inch titanium-dome tweeter. The VP150 center speaker has good power handling and wide dispersion for fine dialog intelligibility and a seamless front soundstage. Coupled with the EP350 subwoofer, the system will deliver realistic, high-volume multi-channel surround sound with music or movie soundtracks. The QS8 quadpolar surrounds, with four drivers each, deliver an astonishing sense of envelopment in the ambient soundfield with movies or music. Center and surrounds can be wall-mounted or stand-mounted.

Listeners who yearn for profoundly deep subwoofer bass to 15 Hz and below will want to upgrade to the EP500 or EP600 DSP subs, included with the Epic 60 / EP500 and Epic 60 / EP600 systems. The latter systems also include the upgraded VP160 center channel speaker for listening distances that exceed 15 feet.

If you would like to have your speakers painted to match your walls we can do it. The upcharge is $150 for your entire order for this option.
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Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Large living rooms, great rooms, dedicated home theaters

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Power Required: Use with any 80-100 watts per channel 5.1-channel surround-sound receiver or amplifier

Owner's Manual M60 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual QS8 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual VP150 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual EP350 Owner's Manual
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Customer Reviews
Quick and client friendly service. Superior quality product with fantastic sound. We are very pleased with our purchase.
- Chris S., ON
The sounds are amazing and crisp and the VP160 centre channel delivers accurate, clear dialogue when watching movies. Strongly recommended. You won't be disappointed for sure.
- Howard X., ON
With all the bad experiences one can have with purchases, I felt it both refreshing and necessary to tell you how pleased I am with my recent purchase of an Axiom speaker system. I bought the Epic 60/350 (Boston cherry). The system arrived promptly as promised. The packaging makes it obvious that Axiom cares about the customer receiving the goods in perfect condition. The finish of the speakers is beautiful and the build quality outstanding. And the sound - incredible. Since I set the system up a couple of weeks ago, I haven't done any tweaking; I don't know that I will even need to. Couldn't be more pleased and prouder of a purchase than I am with this system. In addition to the product itself, the customer service at Axiom is second to none - thanks Alan & crew. I've already recommended Axiom to friends. Thanks and keep up the great work!
- Robert B., MD
My new Mansfield Beech Axioms arrived Friday: 2 M60ti's, EP350 Sub, VP150 Cent., 2 Qs8's(2 more on the way)powered by my new Denon AVR2805, I can't imagine a better combination. First of all I want to THANK Axiom, especially Amie, Joe, and Brent, for all of your time and expert advice. In addition, all of you on this forum that have provided valuable feedback, diserve a pat on the back! I would offer you a beer if you were here. The Mansfield Beech w/Black grills is absolutely beautiful and you can tell these speakers are manufactured to the highest quality. I ordered mine from the factory outlet, and have looked over these inch by inch and can't find any cosmetic flaws. They look so rich and expensive. Who says grown men can't cry? I tell you what, there have been a few moments where my eyes got a little glassy, while listening to various music artists on these gems. I am in total AMAZEMENT as to the accuracy, sound, detail, reproduction, quality, etc..... of these speakers. I grew up around music as my dad was a professional singer, and I have been involved in piano, trumpet, and singing most of my life. When I close my eyes, there are times you would swear you are right there in the recording studio with the artists. These speakers ARE that good. This is probably the best find I have ever come across, second to my wife! Ok, she was standing right next to me, so I had to say that... I also want to put in a good word for the Denon 2805, I went round and round on what receiver to get, and I am sure I would have been happy with any of my choices. I think this combination is a match made in Heaven. I just can't get the smile off of my face everytime I listen to something differant. My wife is a big Josh Groban fan, I could not believe how unbelievable the sound was coming out of these speakers, it was like he was right there in the room giving us a private concert... I auditioned a lot of speakers; Axioms, NHT, B&W, Klipsch, and Polk, in combination with Denon, Yamaha, and Elite. I am One Hundred Percent convinced that I made the right choices. Anyone debating or hesitant on ordering these speakers, will not be let down. When you combine quality that is second to none, the best customer service in the business, and support from Axiom owners on this message board, there should be no doubt in your mind on what brand of speakers to order....AXIOM ps I guess I was not at a loss for words.... Peace Out
- Randy P., IA
The entire Axiom system i purchased is very nicely integrated. The M60s in front provide a stunningly clear sound although sometimes a touch bright (source and recording quality dependant). The mid range sounds are beautifully and smoothly rendered. The low end sound remains clean with superb tight bass. The QS8 surrounds and VP150 add a stellar component to the imaging of the system. The quadpolar design of the QS8s makes setting up the surround listening area an absolute ease. The EP350 sub puts out plenty of low end vibration for our purposes and is easily tweakable to add bass boost at the preferred levels for either music or home theatre applications. Overall the aesthetics of the speakers is second only to real, polished wood and the Factory Outlet deals are truly and honestly a superb bargain.
- Mike R., Winnipeg
I first learned of your company from Audioholics.com. I have been using my high gloss cherry epic 60-350 5.1 home theater speakers for a few weeks now. They look awesome. They sound even better. The price? I feel like I stole them. Thank you for the quality and excellent delivery time.
- David C., LA
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