Epic 80 500 Home Theater System

Epic 80 500 Home Theater System

Serious bass for the serious bass lover: this system combines the exceptional clarity of the M80s with deep bass reproduction to well below 20 Hz. The Axiom Epic 80/500 system mates the new Epicenter EP500 DSP 500-watt subwoofer with the flagship Epic 80 system to gain a large increment in powerful deep bass output over conventional subwoofers. Additionally, listeners who expect loud, clean, and powerful playback levels of rock, rap, and classic orchestral bass in large rooms, and thrilling DVD movie playback will find it here.

The Epicenter EP500 subwoofer's custom-programmed Intelligent DSP controls every frequency from 16 Hz to 100 Hz, maintaining a smooth, flat response within 1.5 dB across the range. That means you'll hear undistorted, profoundly deep rumbles all the way to 13 Hz in typical rooms.

Large family rooms or "great rooms" with vaulted ceilings--4000 to 6000 cu ft.-- are all suitable candidates for the Epic 80/500 system. Unrivalled detail and clarity combine with tight musical bass in the M80 multi-driver main towers. They achieve high dynamic range and excellent, clean, high-volume performance with an airy, spacious soundstage and neutral, high-accuracy music reproduction. The VP150 center's five drivers have exceptional power handling and wide dispersion for extra-clear dialog intelligibility at greater listening distances in larger rooms. Coupled with the EP500 sub, the Epic 80 will handle many hundreds of watts per channel with music or movie soundtracks. Round the system out with QS8 quadpolar surrounds that deliver an astonishing sense of envelopment in the ambient surround soundfield with movies or music.

(Note: the M80 tower's impedance is 4 ohms. An A/V receiver rated to drive 4-ohm loads without overheating or shutting down is recommended; and big rooms call for a separate power amplifier for the M80 towers. Call Axiom for recommended receivers or amplifiers that will drive the 4-ohm M80s.)

If you would like to have your speakers painted to match your walls we can do it. The upcharge is $150 for your entire order for this option.
Call us at 1-888-352-9466 to get all the details

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Average to very large living rooms, great rooms, dedicated home theaters

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Power Required: Home theater receivers that are compatible with four-ohm speakers; 50 to 400 watts per channel. Also consider separates.

Owner's Manual M80 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual QS8 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual VP150 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual EP500 Owner's Manual
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Customer Reviews
Why Axioms? Reviews and style. Easy of information on your site: detailed and to the point.You have a solid product. Please continue to manufacture and make it better as the technology changes.
- Thomas R., NJ
I absolutely love my axiom speakers. I have the epic 80-500-150 QS8 x 4 with NAD T775 and Emotiva XPA-2. The clarity and timbre of the music is addictive. I use music to relax after work. Axiom has elevated the music listening experience to a new level. The home theater sound is so realistic and spacious that I prefer to watch movies at home. I am currently planning a 5.1 audio system in my living room using m60's VP-150, QS4 x2, and Marantz audio. My family all has a new appreciation for music.
- Doug T., IN
n my limited experience (I've only had them for a week), they have exceeded my expectations. I am by no means an audiophile, whatever that means, but I'm fairly particular about my sound system. The Epic 80 has proven itself capable both as a HT and Music system.

Product purchase and delivery was 'uneventful' which is exactly what I wanted and you did not disappoint.

All in all, so far, I'm very happy with my purchase and will recommend you highly when the subject of HT and speakers comes up, or even just to brag.
- Luc L., ON
I've had some time to hook everything up and play with speaker placement. I am most impressed with the system I ordered from you. I read on the forums where some thought that the M80's were a bit too bright, however I don't have a problem. After shopping around a bit and listening to a variety of setups, I was amazed at how dull and lifeless the majority of speakers sounded until I got into the upper end (which had a handsome price tag to go with the presence the speakers could produce). I wound up getting my entire 7.1 speaker system (with an upgrade to the EP500) for less than what I would have spent for a pair of mains. Not only does this sytem rock, it does it with no effort. After watching 'Ray', this system literally left me holding the remote wondering who I'm going to invite over next. It's inspiring. I wanted to add a speaker placement tip which proved to me to be most helpful. Since there are so many unique parameters to every installation, I wanted a way to play with my surround speakers to see what worked best before punching holes in the wall. I (temporarily) mounted my four surrounds on adjustable light stands which are available at any hardware store (Loews, Home Depot, Ace hardware, etc). They're very steady with a tripod base and easy to move around. Also, they allow for an infinite height adjustment anywhere from 3' to over 6'). I ordered the wall mount brackets but after finding my sweet spots, I decided to mount my surrounds on stands at about 5.5' instead.
- Mark S., TX
I own a pair of M80ti's, a VP150, two pairs of QS8's, and two EP500's, not to mention Axiom Speaker cable and Subwoofer interconnects. You guys truly rule and are the best thing in Hi Fi, High End, Home Theater and Audio gear. In addition to that, your customer service is flat out second to none. Thanks for everything,
- Iceman
I purchased the Epic80-500 7.1 system and I must say this setup beats ANY comparible system I tested in the stores by a BIG margin. They're a great set of speakers and in a 'bang for the buck' test beat anything I could have bought locally at twice the price. You folks have done a great job. It also amazes me that it took only 4 days to get Axiom speakers from half way around the world but every other component has taken from between 3 and 14 weeks to get from the other side of Australia! Individually: - The VP150 produces crisp clear dialog and blends nicely with the M80's. - While the QS8's had to be ceiling mounted due to restrictions in the room they still manage to blend in very well and have a great frequency response. The envelopment of sound with decent DTS ES Discrete 6.1 soundtracks (e.g. Lord of the Rings) works really well and managed to almost sonically disappear despite the placement restrictions. I've watched movies where I've had to pause it several times as I swore that the tap was dripping in another room when it was actually on the soundtrack. - The M80's are brilliant from everything from music to movies and has a stunning response. There's nothing more I can say that Audioholics hasn't already. - The EP500 is far and away the 'star performer' of the system. The amount of clean, tight LFE that can be pumped from this baby is nothing short of incredible. The couch shakes, the windows rattle, the cat flees in terror and it's only at 14 volume! It's both tight and musical which is something that's really hard to find. In terms of positioning the EP500, it's interesting that while frequencies under 80Hz can't be localised, the shock wave can :)
- Scott L., Western Australia
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