Epic Grand Master 175 Home Theater System

Epic Grand Master 175 Home Theater System

One of Axiom's most popular home theater setups in terms of impressive, even fabulous, performance for a moderate price. The critically acclaimed M22 bookshelf speakers serve as the main-channel speakers of the Epic Grand Master system. Highly praised by critics and customers alike for their transparent, highly detailed and neutral music reproduction, the M22's use dual 5.25-inch woofers and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter—exactly the same drivers that the floorstanding M60 and M80 tower speakers use for upper bass, midrange and treble. That's why the compact M22's sound so remarkably similar to the big M60s and M80s, except for deep bass, of course. Paired with the EP175 subwoofer, the M22s' seamless presentation rivals that of much larger floorstanding speakers.

As long as your room is less than 2,400 cu ft., the M22's and the EP175 powered subwoofer together deliver thrillingly detailed, neutral and transparent movie soundtrack and music playback from DVDs, CDs, even from those amusing old LPs with their nice big, graphic cardboard jackets! The QS8 multipolar surround speakers each use four drivers, firing in four different directions, to deliver the ambient detail in music and the envelopment in effects and location sounds from Dolby Digital 5.1 channel movie soundtracks. Thunder, rainstorms and jungle scenes heard from the QS8s will put you in that environment—acoustically that is—so complete is the 5.1-channel surround sound envelopment.

And even if you want to enjoy multichannel music via your CDs through Dolby Pro LogicII, or High-Resolution DVD-Audio or SACD, the QS8s can do double duty. With four drivers in each QS8, the music reproduction is as thrilling and enjoyable as ambient soundtrack effects.

The VP100 center channel uses two 5.25-inch aluminum cone woofers identical to those in the M22's and QS8s for a seamless blend between center, mains and surrounds, with plenty of depth and a spacious 3-dimensional soundstage. Fronts, center and surrounds can be wall-mounted or stand-mounted.

The EP175 subwoofer, with its 175-watt internal power amplifier and 10-inch aluminum-cone driver, nicely extends the Epic Grand Master's sonic capabilities, producing deep, taut, and musical bass to below 30 Hz, with plenty of impact reserved for those blockbuster special effects. Whether it's the tight string bass of the Ray Brown Trio or the reverberant shocks of explosions, the EP175 sub smoothly blends with and extends the M22's high-fidelity range to very low frequencies in all but large rooms.

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Average living rooms, dedicated home theater rooms

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Power Required: Very efficient - use with any 5.1-channel surround-sound receiver or amplifier

Owner's Manual M22 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual QS8 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual VP100 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual EP175 Owner's Manual
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Customer Reviews
I have the Epic Grands Master 175 and couldn't be happier with the sound and performance. Customer service was incredible. I now have been outfitting a vacation home using the refurb store. You guys rock!!
- Steve V., FL
Ever since I was a kid the sound at the movie theater always immersed me into the movie, it was an experience not just something I watched. I have been working on recreating that experience at home ever since. With your speakers I have come as close as I think I can get. the m22's are remarkable and the QS8's are astounding, the vp100 fits with the sound profile very well, voices are real and they all work as a system that is awe inspiring. I cannot state how immersive the home movie watching experience has become. You have my sincerest thanks.
- Bill McC., NC
To anyone looking for performance and beauty in one package! I just installed my Axiom 7.1 on wall system. I must say that I am incredibly surprised at the level of performance I am getting! My wife was not real excited about the huge floor standing speakers I was planning on buying. She was concerned about the look of the room. Being the compromising person that I am I decided to get the W150 center channel, the W22 front speakers and 4 QS4's as the surround and the EP175 subwoofer. I am running a Denon 3806 receiver and the sound is unbelievable. It took some time to get the channel levels just right....if you know Denon you know what I mean. Maybe I should have considered the Sherwood Newcastle….. However the Axiom speakers are crystal clear with excellent base which surprised me coming from an on wall system. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone out there looking for incredible sound with a nice look. I also must say that I was prepared to spend quite a bit more on floor standing speakers. I am happy to tell you that I saved a great deal of money and I don't feel like I gave up anything in regards to performance..... GREAT JOB AXIOM! I'm a believer!
- Aaron Spicer Nokesville Virginia
After using Bose 901's (several iterations) for the past three decades I decided I wanted a subwoofer. After several emails from several different manufacturers I found out that I would have to upgrade my old 4 channel AV. I also wanted a center channel. After much thought and many more emails, I decided to do away with the 901's and get a completely new system. Now, with this new system in mind I again went through the email scene with several internet companies and many, many review searches. I decided on Axioms. I did this with no auditions. In my area there are only a few audio stores. After listening to their choices and again reading reviews for those systems I decided to try Axiom. I am most happy with my selection. I have hardwood floors and was afraid of some of the posts/reviews talking about 'brutally honest' or 'overly bright' tendencies of these speakers. I can tell you right now this is absolutely not true. These speakers allow you to hear things such as: sizzle of cymbals, compression of tom-toms, vibrato of guitar licks, hand clapping (as in individual claps versus a sound of the correct frequency) and many more revelations. There is no overly bright sound to these speakers at all. There is just great, articulate sound. Your can watch music DVD's and pick out instruments. The sound is incredible. Sorry for the long rant, but I wanted to give an honest appraisal of these speakers. My system M22s as Mains VP 150 Center QS8 Surrounds HSU VTF III MK 2 Yamaha HTR 5990 Old, old other Stuff Large Smile On Face
- Terry W., AR
The Best Bang for the Buck I've ever enjoyed in stereo equipment!
- Mark H., TX
We love these speakers! We went with the M22s, VP100, and QS4 surrounds with no sub since we live in an apartment. Even without the sub these speakers sound fantastic both for music and movies. Highly recommended.
- Julian Z., UT

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  • Epic Grand Master 175 Home Theater System

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