Epic Grand Master 500 Home Theater System

Epic Grand Master 500 Home Theater System

The Grand Master / EP500 is Axiom's benchmark bookshelf home theater system in terms of transparent sound and spectacularly deep subwoofer bass. It scales up the performance level of the standard Epic Grand Master by combining the new Epicenter EP500 DSP 500-watt subwoofer with the larger five-driver VP150 center channel.

The Epicenter EP500 DSP subwoofer achieves ultra-low bass with none of the uneven performance of conventional subs. The Axiom custom-programmed Intelligent DSP "algorithm" controls every frequency from 16 Hz to 100 Hz, maintaining a smooth, flat response within 1.5 dB across the range. That means you'll hear undistorted, profoundly deep rumbles all the way to 13 Hz or even deeper in typical rooms. And the sophisticated DSP chip inside prevents the EP500 from ever being overdriven into distortion.

Ideal for average rooms of 2000 cu. ft. with vaulted ceilings, or even larger spaces to 4000 cu ft. as well as dedicated home theaters, the Epic Grand Master / EP500 results in a large increment in powerful deep bass and improves overall dialog intelligibility for larger rooms and greater listening distances. Additionally, listeners who expect loud, clean and powerful playback levels of rock, orchestral bass drum, opera, pipe organ, and thrilling DVD movie playback should look closely at this system.

Highly praised by critics and customers alike for their transparent, detailed and neutral music reproduction, the M22's use dual 5.25-inch woofers and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter-exactly the same drivers that the floorstanding M60 and M80 tower speakers use for upper bass, midrange and treble.

The M22 mains, VP150 center, EP500 powered subwoofer and QS8 surrounds together provide thrillingly detailed, neutral and transparent movie soundtrack and music playback from DVDs, CDs, SACDs, and DVD-Audio. The QS8 multipolar surround speakers each use four drivers, firing in four different directions, to deliver the ambient detail in music and the envelopment in effects and location sounds from Dolby Digital 5.1 channel movie soundtracks. Thunder, rainstorms and jungle scenes heard from the QS8s will put you in that environment -- acoustically that is -- so complete is the 5.1-channel surround sound envelopment.

The VP150 center channel uses three 5.25-inch aluminum-cone woofers identical to those in the M22's and QS8s, plus dual 1-inch titanium tweeters for excellent high-volume power handling, yielding a seamless blend between center, mains and surrounds, with plenty of depth and a spacious 3-dimensional soundstage.Fronts, center and surrounds can be wall-mounted or stand-mounted.

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Average living rooms, dedicated home theater rooms

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Power Required: Very efficient - use with any 5.1-channel surround-sound receiver or amplifier

Owner's Manual M22 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual QS8 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual VP150 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual EP500 Owner's Manual
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"'a truly synergistic, full range, enveloping system ...'"
Tom Garcia, AudioRevolution.com
Customer Reviews
I have made 4 purchases from Axiom in the past few months and impressed is an understatement. No matter what I throw at these speakers, I am blown away by the sound. I can't wait until my Axiom amp arrives so I can really test things out! Oh, best part? Made in Canada. Thanks!
- Michael P., ON
Let me just take this opportunity to say a big 'THANK YOU' to the team at Axiom for helping me to choose what has turned out to be an incredible home cinema audio system. I've had my Axiom speakers for around 3 months now and i never cease to be impressed at the detail and range of these speakers. They took a a few hours to settle in (something i've never experienced before) but now they just blow me away every time i put a movie (or just a cd) on. The EP500 sub is outstanding, absolutely accurate and with a low range punch that i think could shake my house apart if i cranked it up, it has that much in reserve. Cheers!
- Neale H., QC
Ohhhhhhh Noreen, how I love you! Well, not literally right but my speakers came today! You shipped them yesterday! Amazing! I just unpacked them and as a woodworking aficionado they are gorgeous. The first thing I did was.....smell them and look at how the boxes were made. Beautiful finish and construction, something only found from true professionals. So pass my thanks onto your woodworking staff. Cheers,
- Brad C., ON
I wanted to upgrade my speakers and had Axiom in my mind for many years. I was reluctant to replace the power of floor standing speakers with bookshelf. I first bought just the M22's. They sounded so good, I had to get the rest of the set. Usually my wife says 'Yeah, that's great.' when I audition new speakers for her. In matrix music mode on my AVR-2807 I played some Natalie Cole using all 5 speakers. All she said was 'Wow!' The entire set of speakers balance each other in an extraordinary way. I keep going back to them after hearing them and thinking 'they couldn't have been THAT good. Maybe I'm just not used to music in surround, or something like that.' but I'm wrong. Every time I hear them, I'm tickled. The QS8's add incredibly depth to music. I'm a convert from stereo music to 5 channel matrix forever with these speakers! The VP150 offers incredible clarity and power. Both high volume and low volume are effortless for these speakers. Movies are a whole new level beyond. They are phenomenal. I can truly say I have fallen in love with music all over again. My previous speakers just wouldn't cut it. Well done Axiom!
- Wade (Peter) F., AR

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