Epic Master 500 Home Theater System

Epic Master 500 Home Theater System

The Epic Master / 500 system combines the power and awesome subterranean bass output of the new Epicenter EP500 DSP 500-watt subwoofer with the acclaimed transparency and musicality of the compact M3 speakers.

The Epicenter EP500 DSP subwoofer achieves ultra-low bass with none of the uneven performance of conventional subs. The Axiom custom-programmed Intelligent DSP “algorithm” controls every frequency from 16 Hz to 100 Hz, maintaining a smooth, flat response within 1.5 dB across the range. That means you'll hear undistorted, profoundly deep rumbles all the way to 15 Hz or even deeper in typical rooms. And the sophisticated DSP chip inside prevents the EP500 from ever being overdriven into distortion. With its 500-watt internal amplifier and 12-inch aluminum-cone woofer, lets you use it in living rooms as large as 4,000 cu. ft.

The VP100 center channel focuses dialog and is tonally neutral, so it's quite natural on movie speech and musical vocals. The VP100 delivers a seamless blend between the M3 mains and QS4 surrounds, with plenty of depth and a spacious 3-dimensional soundstage. This system also delivers thrillingly detailed, neutral and transparent movie soundtrack and music playback from DVDs, CDs, and even from LPs. Fronts, center and surrounds can be wall-mounted or stand-mounted.

The critically acclaimed M3 bookshelf speakers anchor the system. Highly praised for their detailed and natural music reproduction, the M3s each use a 6.5-inch woofer, for greater bass authority than smaller bookshelf speakers provide, and a 1-inch titanium dome tweete. So it's no surprise that the compact M3 presents tonal balance similar to its larger brethren, in particular the M50 floorstander, but with the EP500's stunningly extended deep bass output to subsonic levels. Whether it's reproducing thundering pipe-organ pedal tones or African drums, or the powerful reverberance of a thunderstorm with DVD movie playback, the EP500's awesome bass output is dramatically real and accurate.

And since each QS4 surround speaker uses four drivers (eight in all), music reproduction via DVD-Audio or SACD discs, or even from your CDs processed through Dolby Pro LogicII, is as thrilling and enjoyable as ambient soundtrack effects from movie soundtracks. You'll discover new listening experiences with the Epic Midi / 500 system and your existing collection of CDs.

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room does this work in?

Best For: Small to average-sized rooms and home theaters

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Power Required: Very efficient - use with any 5.1-channel surround-sound receiver or amplifier

Owner's Manual M3 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual QS4 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual VP100 Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual EP500 Owner's Manual
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"'...good luck finding anything remotely as good for the money.'"
A. Colin Flood, enjoythemusic.com
Customer Reviews
For the past 15 years Axiom speakers have been my speaker of choice.They sound more real then another speaker that I have heard and I've heard many.The sound stage is perfect and every sound seems natural.I own the epic series without the sub and still those little speakers perform without any colouration in sound and yet still provide some bass.I really love the quad pole surround speakers.
- Stephen C., ON

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  • Epic Master 500 Home Theater System

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