Full Metal Ceiling Bracket

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Strength, Flexibility, Durability - Axiom's Full Metal Ceiling Bracket is a great new solution for ceiling mounting your loudspeakers. It's perfect for hanging surround speakers in your open-concept theater room or simply in rooms where rear or side wall mounting isn't possible.

Engineered in durable cast aluminum, the bracket can handle speakers weighing up to 40 lbs. The Full Metal Ceiling Bracket is specifically engineered for Axiom's QS Surround Speakers, but will also integrate successfully with our M2, M22, and Algonquin Outdoor Speakers in a horizontal configuration, or our center channel speakers.

The ceiling bracket can be tilted or swivelled and locked into position using the supplied Allen-key wrench. This enables the speaker to be aimed toward the listening area if necessary. The Ceiling Bracket is also supplied with a wedge for minor level adjustments.

Designed for our QS series of surround speakers, the bracket successfully holds the upper woofer away from the ceiling, to allow uninhibited playback of all drivers, creating a seamless surround experience.

Sold individually, in black or white. The bracket is 83 mm (3 1/4 inches) where it meets the ceiling; from the top of the bracket to the bolt point is 145 mm (5 3/8 inches).

See full speaker ceiling bracket mounting instructions here. Download Manual Now (764KB)

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