Elevate Your Listening Experience

Ian Colquhoun, President

We don’t just think our speakers sound amazing, we have the research to prove it!

At Axiom, we have one passion: scientifically proven superior loudspeaker design based on careful lab measurements and proven double-blind listening tests.

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"From the very first firefight, I was immersed in incredibly intense gunfire and explosions that took place all around me... Sounds like rustling leaves, rain, flowing water and flapping wings literally occurred all around the room as I watched. I have watched this series several times and until now, never realized what a difference the experience could be with better audio."

Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

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Sounds so Good, You Won't Believe They're Wireless

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The Flagship Startlingly Realistic Center-of-the-Action Home Theater System

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Too Much Power?
We Don't Think So Either

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