ZA-100 Zone Amplifier

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Control up to 4 zones in your home. 100 watts per channel.

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The ZA-100 is an integrated zone pre/power-amp for a multi-zone system. It is available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 channels with a separate volume control for each set of channels and a master volume (the 2-channel only has the master volume).

It was originally designed for use in a bar or restaurant setting where you would want multiple channels throughout the room but at varying levels depending on their location and all controlled from a central location. But the ZA-100 can also work well for many home environments with a similar requirement.

There are three main inputs selectable from a switch on the front as well as a separate input for each set of channels if you desire to have different sources playing in different zones. This option is selectable using a toggle switch beside each volume control for each set of channels.

The ZA-100 has 100 watts RMS of power output per channel into 4 ohms which will work very well for normal sized rooms and normal playback levels. If you're trying to fill larger spaces such as great rooms or outdoor patios, the ZA-1000 zone amp is a better choice.

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Weight (lbs) each 35
Weight (kg) each 16
Dimensions H W D (inches) 5.25" x 17.75" x 16.75"
Dimensions H W D (mm) 133 x 450 x 425
Watts Per Channel into 4 ohms 100
Watts Per Channel into 8 ohms 50
Frequency Response (6 ohms -3dB) 18Hz - 45kHz
Phono In MM and MC -
AC Input Voltage 115 or 230
Max Voltage Gain 48dB
RCA Input (Single Ended) Yes (x3)
Remote Control -
Signal to Noise Ratio (Input shorted, 22Hz-20kHz un-weighted, referenced to full power @8ohms) 100dB
12 Volt Trigger -
XLR Input (Balanced) -
XLR Output (Balanced) -
Capacitance 37,000uf
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AxiomPlay Input: -

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