Ian, I like the idea of a modular system. For those of us who don't want to run wires I guess the other option would be to buy two of the wireless units- I know iTunes/Airfoil on the computer side can send to multiple speakers at once.

I wonder what a single M3 would sound like in a moderately sized living room, it would definitely help keep costs down for those of us just looking for a convenient compact/background music solution. Just for fun, what about two drivers on either side of the tweeter like the VP100? I guess once you guys develop the Amp/control panel it could be adapted to other speakers. I'm envisioning wireless, in wall, M3s. Just run a line of 120 to it, wire it directly in, and you have the ultimate in-wall self contained wireless living room setup. A little more drywall work and you run regular speaker wire to the second in-wall unit. That I would buy today if it were available.

What about wireless Airplay EPIC 800 subwoofers!!! Sorry, I'm one of those guys always asking for a little more...

On a slightly more serious note, if you're talking about the M3s, an outdoor waterproof speaker with it's own amplifier to drive it and another would be super cool. I wouldn't have to drill a hole through my brick/concrete walled house to get wires from my Amp in the basement out to the deck. I've already done it, but looked really hard for a quality outdoor wireless setup (there aren't any out there, I checked). Airplay outdoor M3s would have been an easy choice. I'm guessing moisture control would be a huge issue though.

Man, there I go spending more money in my head...