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“My family and I no longer simply watch a movie, we experience it. We feel it. We are a part of it.

- Tim Y Elkton, MD

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Introducing the all new AxiomAir. Lose the wires and keep the sound quality with the most advanced wireless system ever created.

Home Theaters


Starting from
$1,786.00 USD

Home Theaters


Starting from
$2,731.00 USD

Home Theaters

In-Wall and On-Wall

Starting from
$1,082.00 USD

Floorstanding Speakers

Floorstanding Speakers

M50 $1,180.00 USD/pair
M60 $1,460.00 USD/pair
M80 $1,890.00 USD/pair
M100 $2,790.00 USD/pair
Surround Speakers

Surround Speakers

QS4 $530.00 USD/pair
QS8 $680.00 USD/pair


EP100 $399.00 USD
EP100 $480.00 USD
EP175 $685.00 USD
EP350 $890.00 USD
EP400 $1,260.00 USD
EP500 $1,370.00 USD
EP600 $1,830.00 USD
EP800 $2,580.00 USD
In Wall Speakers

In-Wall Speakers

M2 In-Wall $440.00 USD/pair
M3 In-Wall $498.00 USD/pair
M22 In-Wall $640.00 USD/pair
VP100 In-Wall $336.00 USD
In Cabinet Speakers

In-Cabinet Speakers

M60 In-Cabinet Speakers $1,460.00 USD/pair
M80 In-Cabinet Speakers $1,890.00 USD/pair
VP150 In-Cabinet Center Channel $530.00 USD/each
VP160 In-Cabinet Center Channel $740.00 USD/each
VP180 In-Cabinet Center Channel $965.00 USD/each
EP500 In-Cabinet Subwoofer $1,370.00 USD/each
Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

M3 Algonquin Outdoor Speakers $498.00 USD/pair
Digital Amplifiers

Digital Amplifiers

1000 Amplifier $1,090.00 USD
1250 Amplifier $2,100.00 USD
1500 Amplifier $2,690.00 USD
ZA-100 Zone Amplifier $590.00 USD
ZA-1000 Zone Amplifier $1,190.00 USD
ZP-1 Zone Pre-Amp $420.00 USD
Broadband DSP

Broadband DSP

Broadband DSP $690.00 USD
Stands and Brackets

Stands and Brackets

FMS 16$240.00 USD/pair
FMS 24$250.00 USD/pair
Custom Stand$257.00 USD/pair
FMS QS$298.00 USD/pair
FMS CC$120.00 USD/each
FMS 180$265.00 USD/each
Bracket$44.00 USD/each
Ceiling Bracket$60.00 USD/each
Durable Rubber Coated Steel Balls$79.00 USD/box
Omnidirectional Speakers

Omnidirectional Speakers

LFR1100 $4,580.00 USD
LFR880 $3,750.00 USD
LFR660 $2,960.00 USD
Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

AxiomAir N3 $799.00 USD/each
Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf Speakers

M2 $440.00 USD/pair
M3 $498.00 USD/pair
M22 $640.00 USD/pair
Center Channel Speakers

Center Channels

VP100 $336.00 USD
VP150 $530.00 USD
VP160 $740.00 USD
VP180 $965.00 USD
In-Ceiling Speakers

In-Ceiling Speakers

M3 In-Ceiling $498.00 USD/pair
On-Wall Speakers

On-Wall Speakers

M2 On-Wall $440.00 USD/pair
M3 On-Wall $498.00 USD/pair
M22 On-Wall $640.00 USD/pair
VP100 On-Wall $336.00 USD
VP150 On-Wall $530.00 USD
Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers

M1 Computer $499.00 USD/pair
M2 Computer $598.00 USD/pair
M3 Computer $658.00 USD/pair
Custom Finishes Shop

Custom Finishes

Custom Finish Shop
Cables and Interconnects

Cables and Interconnects

Speaker Cables
Component Video
Bulk Speaker Wire
Banana Plugs
Balanced Cable
RCA Adaptor
Flat Speaker Wire
USB Light
Installation Services

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Why are Axiom owners in love with their speakers? Axiom is passionate about sound. The goal of every loudspeaker we produce is accurate, transparent musical reproduction that allows you to experience the cleanest, clearest, most realistic music and movies, from two-channel stereo to 7.1-channel home theater surround sound. Instruments sound so real that your room disappears and you are front row center, shivering as the shimmer of cymbals and the momentum of deep bass pulses envelop you in the drama of the sound. You find yourself rediscovering your entire music collection, old and new, as subtle nuances of the music are revealed. Just wait until you hear two-channel CDs in 5- or 7.1-channel surround.

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