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Posted By: Lampshade Panera Bread - 09/16/10 11:51 PM
Their new macaroni and cheese tastes really good.
Posted By: jakewash Re: Panera Bread - 09/17/10 04:33 PM
Never heard of it/them
Posted By: davidsch Re: Panera Bread - 09/17/10 05:24 PM
Originally Posted By: Lampshade
Their new macaroni and cheese tastes really good.

My kids are always looking to try good mac and cheese and we have a Panera's around the corner from us. I like their sandwiches but I have noticed that each time I go there they put less meat on the sandwich. They put plenty of meat on for the first six months.
Posted By: medic8r Re: Panera Bread - 09/17/10 06:31 PM
We used to get Panera catered for lunch a lot at my previous office. The drug reps found it an easy place to work with, I guess. IIRC, I liked the Asiago roast beef sandwich best. And their cookies are good.
Posted By: prototype3a Re: Panera Bread - 09/17/10 07:48 PM
Panera cookies FTW! My mom sent me a box of them when I was on deployment.
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