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Prince - 02/22/11 01:34 PM

Saw Prince in Oakland last night.

Saw him over 5 years ago when Morris Day and the Time opened. That was one of the best concerts I've been to. This was pretty close, though I could've done w/o the new songs...

Larry Graham of Graham Central Station opened up. Started slow but he definitely funked it up. Awesome to see great bass players like that. Some original members of the Family Stone were in his band.

Sheila E played percussion for Prince. Then partway through the 2nd hour or so, Santana came out to play. 4 hour concert, 7 row. Great night.
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Totally worthy of envy!!
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Re: Prince - 02/22/11 01:42 PM

Does Craig know this?

I feel like he should be notified! smile
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Santana? That's cool.
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Ooooohhhh, I didn't even catch the Santana part.
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Re: Prince - 02/22/11 02:05 PM

*scribbles in Mark's chart to up his Ritalin*
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Re: Prince - 02/22/11 03:22 PM

Nice. smile

Wonder when he'll be in LA again...
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Re: Prince - 02/22/11 05:07 PM

Gotta be quick. He announced the concern last week and tix went on sale for 2 shows last Friday for shows on Monday and Wed of this week. Then they added a 3rd show for Thu. W/ 3 days to the first show, he was able to sell out last night.

Apparently the promoter didn't even know the show date until just before Friday last week. Prince seems to do those weird scheduling things.

One day I hope to catch in the small venue when he does those impromptu shows. I'd prefer that, arena shows make me feel old...
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Originally Posted By: oldskoolboarder
Prince seems to do those weird scheduling things.