Ok all your pinball nerds....

Posted by: nickbuol

Ok all your pinball nerds.... - 10/10/13 04:21 PM

I am going to the White Rose Gameroom Show tomorrow in York, PA.

I figured that I was in Exton, PA for work, what's another 75 minute drive west for something fun like that?

Heading to York tonight, show starts tomorrow. I don't think that we have any registered people from the Axiom community in that area, but if you are, I will be there at 10:00am until about 2:00pm before I have to drive down to the Baltimore (BWI) airport to fly home.

The White Rose Gameroom Show
Posted by: medic8r

Re: Ok all your pinball nerds.... - 10/11/13 08:55 AM

Wow, that sounds like it'll be fun.

There's some good Simpsons pinball machines out there. Win one for me!
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Ok all your pinball nerds.... - 10/12/13 06:03 PM

Just to follow up on this... Simpsons was played. This particular one was in poor shape due to lots of use.