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Posted By: JohnK Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 11:42 AM
Today Blair(brwsaw)will be celebrating with his wife and kids. Happy birthday, Blair!
Posted By: Murph Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 11:48 AM
Have a great day Blair !!!
Posted By: Ajax Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 12:42 PM
Happy Birthday, Blair.
Posted By: medic8r Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 12:50 PM
Happy brwsawday!
Posted By: BobKay Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 12:53 PM
I didn't know you had a name! HBD, Blair. Do it ALL weekend.
Posted By: nickbuol Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 01:41 PM
Happy Birthday brow-saw...
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 03:07 PM
Thank you guys, today I am 35.
We have a nice long weekend planned.
Just have to get through the work day and then BBQ time.
Posted By: CV Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 06:39 PM
Happy Birthday!
Posted By: MarkSJohnson Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 07:04 PM
Punk Kid! Happy Birthday!
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/16/14 07:29 PM
I bought you an EP500 for your birthday. Unfortunately, my cat needed more than you did. Better luck next time. Happy Birthday anyway.
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/17/14 03:34 AM
Godzilla plays at 9:30
Posted By: St_PatGuy Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/17/14 03:09 PM
Happy Birthday Blair! Hope you had a good one.
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/17/14 06:12 PM
Thanks, All things considered it was nice.
BBQ and Movie got pushed to today, looks like I get a bonus day to make up for the day at work yesterday.
No Godzilla, that sucked the worst.
Posted By: BobKay Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/17/14 06:56 PM
I came up with three, but I'm just gonna go with this one.

#3.)Wa, Wa Whaaaaa'? No Godzirra? Oh, dat vewy sucky, sucky bad!

Hope today was yesterday for you!
Posted By: MarkSJohnson Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/17/14 09:13 PM
Bob, wasn't it also "Sucky Long Time"?
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/17/14 09:16 PM
Its off to a good start.
Couple red box blurays on the table, a cooler full of pop and ice, another full of wobbly pops. Steak, bbq chops, buffulo burgers and plain wieners thawed and ready.
We're expecting a small herd around 5.
Its 20 degrees in the shade, birds are singing, I'm on my first drink and I have enough kibble left to roll a fatty.
Life is good.
Posted By: Ken.C Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/17/14 09:25 PM
Happy belated, dude.
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Blair's Birthday - 05/18/14 11:01 PM
As luck would have it 2 groups came by. We had planned on fitting in a another BBQ soon and it just so happened they were already drinking and decided to come over.
Good thing I had more steaks.
Some people sure can smoke...I'd venture to guess these guys were lighting one up every 10 minutes. I had to bow out early on but picked up a few later in the night.
I enjoyed a drink an hour and had more smoke than any sane person would enjoy the next seat over, t'was a good night.
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