2016 and challenges

Posted by: craigsub

2016 and challenges - 06/10/16 12:05 PM

Guys - It's time for an update. 2016 has been a most difficult year for our family. We have had an MS scare with our oldest (thankfully, it turned out to be related to his type one diabetes, and quite controllable) and after THAT was settled, our youngest was in an accident at his university in which he fractured 3 vertebrae in his neck and back.

For those who know about these things, it was C-6, C-7 and T-1.

The incident occurred on a college campus, and fortunately he was stabilized by the local hospital then transferred to a trauma center in Columbus Ohio where surgery was successful.

The neurosurgeon who performed the 6 hour operation was as good a person as one could ask for. He never talked down to us, and explained everything he did, then transferred the information over to the neurosurgeon in our home town.

The incident was on April 20, and as I type this, our son is at physical therapy. He is walking about 5 miles per day, and is healing. There are about 6 more months of intense follow up ahead of him - which is difficult for him. He cannot do any normal 19 year old young male stuff, but he is mostly understanding and appreciative that he isn't in a wheelchair.

Of course, all the review stuff, and even form participation, pretty much stopped in January, when the MS scare started, and has continued until now.

Apologies for such a ... "downer" thread, but it does feel good to get this "off my chest", as the saying goes.

And yes, we are ALL appreciative to the medical staff and to our creator for the care shown through all of this. smile
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/10/16 02:39 PM

God bless you and your family Craigsub.
Posted by: Adrian

Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/10/16 04:08 PM

Craig, this is hardly a "downer" thread but very inspirational. I can't imagine how hard this is on you and your family but am so glad to hear of his ongoing improvements. What 2x6 said.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/10/16 05:48 PM

Wow. Sorry to hear about everything over the last few months. I'm glad things are improving though!
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/10/16 11:46 PM

This sounds more like a "priorities" thread than a "downer" thread. Very best wishes for all... the audio world will still be here when everything settles down.

It's probably too early to ask, but is there a good story behind the accident ?

Apologies in advance for asking, but I'm sure I'm not the first person to wonder smile
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/11/16 09:14 AM

Prayers for healing.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/11/16 09:29 AM

That is rough, man. Glad to hear both are doing better, but those are both very scary.
Posted by: BobKay

Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/11/16 10:50 AM

All differences aside, Craig, I'm sorry to hear what your family has been dealing with. I know the pressures those things put on everyone involved. It can feel overwhelming at times, both for those who are ill and for the people who love them.

I hope the load lightens for all of you and that each month this year is a better one.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/11/16 09:37 PM

That's plenty to deal with, but it's great to hear from you. It sounds like your son will heal pretty much completely? Is that right?
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/12/16 12:16 AM

Bobkay ... There really are no differences to put side. And thank you for the kind words. smile

CV - He will have a full recovery .. as long as he is willing to put in the work required. At 19, it seems overwhelming to him, which is why we are there at all times. This has the potential for being a life changing event in the positive for him, and he has a solid support structure behind him.

To everyone - thank you for the kind words and receptive nature.

For some lighter stuff, I just opened up a pair of mint condition Axiom AX-2 bookshelf speakers, and for fun, they are residing in the same system where the LFR-1100's were.

My son and I will be doing some serious listening to them in evening sessions - he is getting into Pink Floyd and a lot of classic artists, and is introducing me to his favorite metal bands - Slayer, Megadeth ... etc ...

The AX-2's are already impressive. Axiom speakers may not be the least expensive on the market, but they sure do pass the timeless test. There are a lot of classic speakers here now - also some 1956 Electrovoice corner horns (think Klipsch), 1962 vintage Electrovoice 11 bookshelfs, 1977 Koss 1020's ... plus a lot of modern stuff.

Our son is a fantastic guitar player, and loves music. This is going to be part of his recovery.

Cigars with the old man are also a favorite of his. Life is good.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/12/16 05:24 AM

So glad to hear he is doing so well. Believe me when I say I understand the rigors of rehabilitation. Wishing nothing but the best for the Chase family.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/12/16 01:07 PM

Craig, good to see you back. Life can throw some big obstacles at you. Back injuries can be really bad but luckily your son is young and he has you there to push him onward. Hell I couldn't walk 5 miles let alone with a bad back. For reference I crushed 3 vertebrae in a motorcycle accident but no surgery and your son injury sounds much worse but it sounds like he is well on his way. Hopefully your luck has turned a corner, I look forward to your non biased and candid reviews.

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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/12/16 09:57 PM

Damn Craig. You've had a rough start to the year. I'm glad to hear things are working out OK though.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/13/16 01:54 AM

Happy to hear,
He's young enough to recover. 5 miles is one hell of great start.

Just stay determined and anything is possible!!!
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/16/16 12:33 PM

Adding my best wishes for recovery and a better 2016, 2017, etc.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/16/16 02:20 PM

Hi Craigsub: Sorry to hear about your rough start to this year!!! frown Here's hoping the 2nd half is much better 4 u & your family!!!!
Posted by: JohnK

Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/18/16 06:15 AM

Craig, prayers and best wishes for a full recovery for your son.
Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/18/16 08:30 PM

Craig, thanks for sharing your powerful story. Warmest wishes for continued love and healing to your whole family.
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Re: 2016 and challenges - 06/19/16 01:02 PM

Yup, some years are better than others.

All the best...