Doc's Birthday

Posted by: JohnK

Doc's Birthday - 06/18/16 06:27 AM

Been away a few days and neglected to send wishes to J.P.(medic8r). As requested, I hope rather than doughnuts from the nurses, you won the lottery this time. If not, nevertheless a belated Happy Birthday!
Posted by: a401classic

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/18/16 07:17 AM

Happy Birthday, JP - although apparently belated...
Posted by: onn

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/18/16 08:19 PM

Happy Birthday Doc
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/18/16 11:25 PM

Sorry that I missed it too. Been so busy that I haven't even updated my own topic here.

Happy Birthday Doc.
Posted by: CV

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/18/16 11:52 PM

Oh, wow, we suck. Happy Birthday, JP!
Posted by: CV

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/18/16 11:53 PM

*runs away being scribbled about furiously*
Posted by: Ajax

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/19/16 07:07 AM

YIKES! I missed it too. Happy Birthday J.P.!!!
Posted by: Adrian

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/19/16 08:48 AM

Another Birthday Congratulations from the Group of Latter Day Birthday Wishers.
Posted by: medic8r

Re: Doc's Birthday - 06/20/16 12:15 PM

Thanks, everyone. Had a good day with family, kind of low key. Wife made a German chocolate cake.

JohnK, you had me worried for a minute; thought we'd have to send out the search party for ya!