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Posted By: tomtuttle Used Projectors? - 02/08/11 07:32 PM
I don't have a good place for one, but I still have the itch to poke into projector-land.

So, first rule is that I want to do this on the cheap. I'm not looking for my "final" projector, or even necessarily one for a permanent installation. Still, would like to minimize the suck if possible.

I was thinking... (three scariest words in the English language when uttered by a spouse)

If I assume I will need to buy a new bulb, does it make sense to look into used 720p projectors? If so, do you have models or markets to suggest?

OR by the time I factor in cost, bulb, shipping, uncertainty, etc. am I just better off getting a new, cheap 720p or even 1080 model?

I have a 61" RPTV, so the projector wouldn't be the primary display, and I'd probably be headed for a ~120" projected image to make it worth while. I'd do a DIY screen.

Posted By: medic8r Re: Used Projectors? - 02/08/11 07:44 PM
I'm thinking that I have a Panny 720p (model AE900, year 2006) with a new bulb that I've been thinking of upgrading. If interested, we could, as they say, take it to PMs.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: Used Projectors? - 02/08/11 08:42 PM
hmmm and my Diehard Sanyo Z2 just keeps going and going, original bulb... Mommy won't let me get a 1080p until this one dies. smile
Posted By: medic8r Re: Used Projectors? - 02/08/11 09:32 PM
How many cold cranking amps on that model?
Posted By: michael_d Re: Used Projectors? - 02/08/11 10:21 PM
The projector geeks that hang out at AVS tend to get a new machine every fall. You can get them for half of what they were new.

I'd just figure out your max spend, what machine you want and then wait for one to show up in the classifieds. You are usually better off buying used from the geeks because they take care of their stuff better than any vendor would.

I'll most likely be selling my RS20 next fall if LED lit LCOS machines roll out. I'm tired of bulb lit machines.
Posted By: PhillipD Re: Used Projectors? - 02/09/11 10:18 PM
I have an Epson 720p projector now for just over three years and I have 310hrs on the first bulb so depending on who you get a used PJ from a well looked after 720p with low hrs would be the way to go.

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