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Posted by: nickbuol

Demo discs - 03/20/13 09:35 AM

I started digging through some of my "non-movie" media last night and realized that I have a somewhat large collection of demo discs for my theater. Anything from original DTS DVDs and blu-rays, to ebay compilation DVDs, to massive 50 GB discs put together over at AVS that I've downloaded and burned to blu-ray.

Is anyone else doing the same with demo discs, or do you just pop in your favorite DVD/Blu-Ray/CD and go to a specific track you like?

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Re: Demo discs - 03/20/13 09:36 AM

I just watch stuff that I want to watch, you know? ;-)
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Demo discs - 03/20/13 09:51 AM

So what you are saying is that nobody gets to touch your toys, and they are all for your enjoyment so who needs demo material...

That is what I got out of that statement/question. wink
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Re: Demo discs - 03/20/13 10:25 AM

Well... yeah...

Either that or my setup is too pathetic to use demo material. Or I'm too antisocial. It's one of those three.
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Re: Demo discs - 03/20/13 11:05 AM

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... HA HA HA

3 reasons Ken rejects you!
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Re: Demo discs - 03/20/13 09:47 PM

I haven't demoed my stuff to very many people. The few that i have demoed for, i asked them to bring something that they wanted to hear...
Posted by: Murph

Re: Demo discs - 03/21/13 07:49 AM

I just have some preferred movies & concerts with some bookmarks set so I can get to the sweet spots quicker. A bunch of preferred CDs as well.

The only true demo disks I have would be a BR music sampler & another DVD sampler from AIX records as recommended a few times by Ian. He was not wrong! The 5.1 sound staging effect in the BR is unparalleled in anything musical I have so far. AIX HD-Audio Sampler IV
Also, it has just about every genre on the disk so there is something there for whatever your target audience is so it's an easy pull for demos.
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: Demo discs - 03/21/13 08:04 AM

I usually just put in one of my blu-ray concerts, after asking the person what kind of music they like or don't like.
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Re: Demo discs - 04/26/13 11:02 AM

I used Handbrake to create some short clips from good scenes in movies like the train crash in Super8 and the walker coming up from the ground in War of the Worlds. Stuff like that. I got sick of loading up the disk and FF to the scenes.
Posted by: J. B.

Re: Demo discs - 04/26/13 01:22 PM

there is one CD which i had forgotten about, not having listened to it for many many years, but which should be used for demo because of the music itself and for the recording quality as well.

the recording was made in the 70s and later mastered for CD, which is the one i have.

you can have a listen here:

the AQ is superlative and among the very best i've heard in my life, and the playing is also top notch.
playing in Stereo, one thinks it's in Surround.

played with ancient instruments/music from the 17th c.

i don't know if it still can be found, either in LP form or on CD, but i know it's available on p2p in FLAC format (PM me about this if you're interested).

Danses anciennes de Hongrie (ancient hungarian danses);
Clemencic Consort
dir.: René Clemencic
Harmonia Mundi (HM 90.1003)
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Re: Demo discs - 06/05/13 01:56 PM


I also took advantage of the downloads from AVS. Aside from the more recent Blu-Ray DVDs they made, the original thread yielded some 30+ standard DVDs.

I downloaded/burned all of them and also downloaded and printed the DVD case covers (I had access to a color laser printer before I retired :-) ).

Even now, if TV selections are lacking on a given evening, my wife suggests we pull out one or two of the demos and watch them. Still enjoying them.

Just found a second Blu-Ray demo thread on AVS