ADA1500 Amplifier

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ADA1500 Amplifier

650 watts of power per channel! Recommended for large rooms or music and home theater addicts.

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ADA 1000 features.  Click to enlargeIf you tried to sum up the Axiom Amplifier philosophy in one phrase, it would be "You can never have too much power." We're not all talk, either: we crave power so much we decided to design our own amplifiers to get enough! Introducing the 1500: a spectacular powerful performer that will enhance the dynamic realism of movies and music in your system.

Your System Is Starving

Without enough power, the dynamic scenes in movies lack the excitement of a movie theater experience. When your system runs out of what is called 'dynamic headroom', it often clips, adding distortion to the signal and deflating the sonic energy of the scene in front of you. But when you feed your system pure, clean power, those same scenes come to life with a realism you may have never experienced before.

Power isn't a matter of just 'loud', it's a combination of loud and clean that together create an impression of depth and dynamism, responding instantly to signals coming from your source material and ricocheting it back at you, driving your system to its full potential at last. Without distortion, you can turn the volume up and up and up without it ever becoming annoying or clipping.

Satisfying the Hunger

Look beyond the amplifier's rated watts-per-channel output to its power supply: home theater enthusiasts know that it takes strength and suppleness to deliver power to multiple channels all together, and the 1500 amplifier delivers both. By combining a class-D amplifier with a toroidal transformer and a large storage capacitance, you have the muscle you need to deliver power where it's needed, when it's needed. You won't hear distortion or compression: just clean, endless sound that never clips, overheats or runs out of headroom.

The massive analog power supply partners with the Axiom Digital Amplifier to exceed 90% efficiency: compare that to the typical Class A/B design you find in most amplifiers that waste nearly half the output from the amplifier in heat! Think about the numbers: a typical wall plug is capable of producing 1800 watts on a regular 15 amp circuit. The Axiom Digital Amplifier is so efficient, you can easily achieve 1500 watts of total output: approximately double what a Class A/B design can provide. What does that transfer into in your system?

8 Ohms

4 Ohms

Max Output per Channel One Channel Driven



Max Output per Channel Two Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Three Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Four Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Five Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Six Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Seven Channels Driven



Max Output per Channel Eight Channels Driven



Understanding the Equation

Although output with eight-channels driven looks small, the fact of the matter is that the power demands from surround channels in a home theater system are much smaller than the power demands of the front left, right and center speakers. As a result, the real-world experience with these amps is lots of power available for the power-hungry front section. a seven-channel amplifier used in a home theater system acts more like a five-channel amp for power-per-channel, as shown in the chart above.

For rooms under 2,500 cubic feet and normal sort of volume levels the 1000 series is perfect.

For rooms over 2,500 cubic feet or if you like to really crank it once and awhile then the 1250 series is the one.

For huge rooms and/or the desire to achieve the nirvana of loud and clean the 1500 series is the answer.

Axiom amplifiers can be connected to either the pre-amp outputs on your receiver (check your receiver has these) or to a stand-alone pre-amp processor.

The force you need to make your music and movies come alive

Find out how enough power can create the realism you're yearning for in your home theater system: experience the energy efficiency provides and get spectacular performance from your movies and music with the Axiom 1500 Amplifier.

Weight (lbs) each 58
Weight (kg) each 26
Dimensions H W D (inches) 5.25" x 17.75" x 16.75"
Dimensions H W D (mm) 133 x 450 x 425
Frequency Response (6 ohms -3dB) 1Hz - 50kHz
AC Input Voltage 115 or 230
RCA Input (Single Ended) Yes
Sensitivity (Full Power into 8 ohms) 2 volts
Signal to Noise Ratio (Input shorted, 22Hz-20kHz un-weighted, referenced to full power @8ohms) 105dB
12 Volt Trigger Yes
Voltage Gain 29dB
XLR Input (Balanced) Yes
Capacitance 144,000uf

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Customer Reviews
I am running a 3 channel 1500 with my Paradigm Studio 100s and 690 center. I am no audiophile for sure. But I did indeed hear a major improvement. What struck me most was how the whole range just opened up. Everything got cleaner and more transparent. At higher volumes there is no "pain" in listening. None of that garbage getting in the way of the music. It has made listening a much more enjoyable experience. Oh, and for movies? Yes, all the slam you could possibly want. Never a hint of stress from the amp or the speakers. Love It!
- Jim R., NE

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