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Get speakers you’ll listen to at any volume for hours on end.

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Speakers that tire your ears were badly designed.

If you get tired of listening to your speakers, chances are it’s because of distortion. Speakers that are underpowered don’t reproduce the sound the way the artist intended. The compression bothers your ears and makes you think the music is too loud.

Your life deserves a soundtrack all day long. Great sounding speakers get you there.

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I’m a techie – talk to me about distortion

“These speakers reminded me of putting on glasses for the first time.” - Todd D., Canada

Get speakers that let you turn music up and up and up, with sound that everyone will enjoy. Read reviews from professional audio industry experts or try our 3 decades of sound engineering yourself with a 30 day in-home trial on your speakers!

Want to feel in the middle of all the action on movie night? Our Epic home theater systems give you crystal-clear dialogue with the audio range to immerse you.

Rediscover the joy of sharing music

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Whether you’re throwing a house party, a get-together in the backyard, or having an impromptu dance break, you’ll love to listen.

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We love how music elevates every day experiences.

  • Thousands of living rooms transformed
  • Hundreds of reviews
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Choose speakers to match your style.

1. Choose Wired or Wireless
Want to create your own dedicated home theater or music-listening oasis? Or want to take your speaker on the go without dealing with wires?

2. Order Your Finish
Choose from one of our solid colors or real wood finishes to match your style and decor. We can also match the color of your walls for speakers that blend in.

3. Set Up Your Playlists
Once your speakers arrive and with minimal set-up, it’s time to give your ears their best listening experience ever.

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Ian Colquhoun

If you’ve ever found yourself (or your spouse) turning music down because you’re ‘tired’ of listening to it too loud, you’re suffering from distortion. You might think you can’t hear the difference between good speakers and not-so-good speakers, but the truth is great audio is addictive, and you’ll listen to it for hours on end queuing up song after song.

Does your portable speaker sound just a little louder and about the same quality as your cell phone? Then you’re missing the experience that quality sound makes. You can hear the difference and once you’ve experienced Axiom sound, you’ll crave it over and over again.

Do you have trouble understanding the dialog on tv shows or in movies? That’s not your hearing going – that's bad frequency response. And there is a cure.

Since 1980, we’ve been designing, engineering and manufacturing loudspeakers that help you to feel like you’re listening to a song for the first time.

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