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June 24, 2010

Audioholics’ Editorial Report: Axiom’s Blind Listening Tests

Filed under: Axiom in the Media — Amie C @ 3:44 pm

Audioholics has just posted Gene DellaSala’s report from his recent visit to Axiom.

DellSala underwent extensive double-blind listening tests while at Axiom in June, and has written a report based on his findings of the testing methodology, and of Axiom’s rigorous research and development.

It may seem trivial to praise a company for always striving to make their next generation products better, but I can tell you with experience this isn’t always the case, especially with large publicly traded companies that care more about profit margins than appeasing diehard audiophiles and enthusiasts. Think of the Axiom Blind Test as a scientific path towards making better speakers.
– Gene DellaSala,

Read the full review here:The Axiom Audio Blind Listening Test Overview

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