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January 10, 2012

Axiom Wins SoundStage! Network Product of the Year Award!

Axiom's Epic 80 v 800 Home Theater Speaker System Wins Product of the Year

Axiom's Epic 80 v 800 Home Theater Speaker System Wins Product of the Year

We’re thrilled!  SoundStage has announced their annual Product of the Year Awards, and the Axiom Epic80-800 Home Theater System won for Outstanding Performance!

Announced annually at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the awards are given out to products in each of four categories:

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Exceptional Value
  • Aesthetics and Sound
  • Pioneer Design Achievement

Axiom’s Epic 80 – 800 was reviewed by long-time  SoundStage Network  reviewer Vince Hanada, who said “Its level of performance was intoxicating, and left me shaking my head in disbelief.”

See more about the awards here:  SoundStageNetwork

photo courtesy SoundStage! Networks

President’s wife :) Defacto, that makes her an audio guinea pig, whose only request to the lab is to always run sample products in colors that blend in with the rest of her home!

She considers herself the Audiobyte’s Number 1 fan.

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7 comments on “Axiom Wins SoundStage! Network Product of the Year Award!

  1. Jeff Nadar on said:

    this award was issued April 2011 so how is it tied into CES 2012?

    • The review was done in April. At the end of the year, SoundStage! looks over all the products they reviewed and select the ‘best of’ for the year and they present awards to the winners at CES. Hope that helps!

  2. Tomtuttle on said:

    Exciting and well-deserved! Congratulations!

  3. CatBrat on said:

    May the force be with you!

  4. Jeff Nadar on said:

    Ah ok thanks Amie.

  5. cosoundman on said:

    I really do have to laugh…Some people might be shocked or dismaid about this. Personaly, it’s as natural as the sun rising… ;0) Friends come over and I’ll put on some tunes, or watch a vid and during a certain section of sound, I see their eyes get big or they jump alittle. Someone always ends up asking me, “what kinda’ speakers are those?” I just tell them, look at the bottom of the speaker… Of course the retort is, “who is Axiom?” I’m going to print up cards to hand out to people with your website and/or phone number… ;0)

  6. Majik on said:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. Congrats!

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