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March 28, 2013

Blu-Ray Easter Eggs: What’s In Your Basket This Weekend?

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amie C @ 4:02 pm

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to hidden treasures, and a quick browse through an old Axiom article on DVD Easter Eggs lead me to wonder what was new in the world of secret scenes or other gems (commonly referred to as ‘Easter Eggs’ because you have to hunt for them ) on  recently released Blu-rays.  Here’s a list of a few – do you have any to add to the collection?

The Hunger Games:  On the special features disc, after the Lionsgate logo shows up and there is an animation of The Capitol, you can see various letters lighting up on the banners for each district.  They reveal a clue to give you a secret message from Plutarch Heavensbee.

Try this at home:  write down each of the letters.  Then, press the down key on your menu pad as you’re looking at a section of the Special Features Disc.  Four of the sections will show you a list from Heavensbee.  Use the flashing letters from above to decode the secret message.

Princess Bride:  In the 25th Anniversary Edition of Princess Bride (or as we call it on the Axiom Message Boards, One of The Best Movies of All Time), there is an Easter Egg bonus clip that shows the 5 hours of makeup it took to convert Cary Elwes into Professor Rawscey from the Dread Pirate Roberts supplement.

Get to it from the fleur-de-lis symbol in the subtitles option of the set up menu.

The Amazing Spider-Man:  Looking for a few laughs this weekend?  How about Spidey and Green Goblin doing aerobics?  Oh yah, eat your heart out Jane Fonda!  This gag reel will give you a new perspective on our favourite crime fighting arachnid!

Web your way to this one by on the first disc of The Amazing Spider Man. Click on Commentaries.  When you see James Franco / Harry Osborn, click on him to reveal the CGI Bloopers and Gag Reel.  

The Avengers:  Wouldn’t it be great to know even more about the characters in this blockbuster?  Well, now you can!  If the Supplements didn’t give you all the details you wanted, check out the Secret Files on main characters.

Be the hero in your household: when you’re on the main menu, highlight ‘play’, and then click the left button on your remote, highlighting the SHIELD logo.  Select it to reveal the secret files.

Monsters, Inc:  This now-classic movie released a new blu-ray edition last year, and on it you can see the Monsters, Inc. employee handbook, as well as a guide to the ‘in’ jokes in case you missed them.

Hunter’s tip:  these Easter Eggs are on the Special Features disc; available by pushing the left arrow button your remove to open a door of menus.

Do you hunt for Easter Eggs on movies you watch again and again?  If so, why not list your finds in the comments below?

*With thanks to Blu-Ray Easter Eggs and the Easter Egg Archive




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