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September 26, 2012

iPhone 5, #firstworldproblems and #scuffgate

Filed under: What's New — admin @ 3:56 pm

Despite selling over 5 million new iPhone 5’s in the past week, catching flack for their botched Apple Maps initiative after scrapping Google Maps, it seems that people have pointed their ire that matches the wrath of 10,000 suns regarding the whole “scuffgate” issue where their the anodized aluminum body their using is easily scratched, “ruining” the immaculate look and design out of the box.

Take a look at what’s going on in the Twittersphere to get a glimpse of what people are saying right now about their problems regarding scuffgate.

Do you think it’s an overreaction from consumers or was Apple shortsighted in the durability of their latest and greatest product?


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