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November 2, 2012

Kickstarter and Its Effect on Consumer Electronics Innovation

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Kickstarter and its effect on consumer electronics innovation

With the advent of kickstarter and its crowdfunding brethren, it’s had an enormous impact on consumer electronics and the pace of innovation without requiring outside funding. Below is just a sample of the fanfare surrounding Pebble and the success of crowdfunding

Storified by Will · Fri, Nov 09 2012 11:17:13

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Androidiiopteps
@Skinfaan The official ship date will be announced in a Kickstarter update—watch for any date information there.
want! Bennett
@everythingsflux I think I found your next watch Mallow
RT @Pebble: Bringing watch sexy back :)RT @videodhruvy: I usually hate wearing watches but Pebble will change that. #CantWaitMark James Progano
 Projects are only greenlit and funded once it has enough “backers” and it crosses the minimum amount of money benchmark.  Right now we’re working on an Airplay enabled speaker meant to go with a home theater system and getting feedback in our forum from our passionate Axiom Audio fans.
RT @megafounder: Some people say they don’t believe in crowdfunding..Remembering #Pebble Watch, Raised More than $10M with #Crowdfunding Make Cents
#Gadgets2DieFor Pebble Watch!!Sudhindra
The Pebble watch Kickstarter project raised about as much money as it would take to own 100% of game publisher THQ today.Jon Shiring
@Pebble you guys are killing me! 🙂 I have an AWESOME idea for your watch so hopefully I don’t forget ;)Jason J. Gullickson

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