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February 10, 2012

The Latest Axiom Home Theater Speaker System

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The latest home theater speaker system at Axiom:  The Epic60 600 160

The latest home theater speaker system at Axiom: The Epic60 600 160

Introducing the latest Axiom Home Theater Speaker System: The Epic 60 600 160.  Oh yah, that’s a lot of numbers!  Take the award-winning M60 floorstanding speakers, add the deep-as-the-ocean EP600 dsp-powered subwoofer, the critically acclaimed QS8 surround speakers, and then add our new commanding VP160 center channel.  The result?  A home theater system so perfectly matched and deeply powerful that you’ll be forgiven for not leaving your house all weekend!

The new system is custom-configured for dedicated home entertainment areas.  The advantage of larger speakers over smaller ones is immediately apparent when you hear the system:  suddenly sound becomes spacious, and a new dimension is added to your movies and music.  You are immersed.  You are surrounded.  You are part of the experience.

“We relentlessly pursue the most exciting audio experience we can provide,” said Axiom founder and chief engineer, Ian Colquhoun.  “Bigger speakers mean more emotion, more thrills, more explosions, more romance, more excitement.  The bigger the cabinet, and the wider the range of frequencies you can provide to the home theater listener, the more realistic their experience will be.”

The home theater speaker system can be ordered in standard Boston Cherry or Black Oak, or it can be customized in any of our hundreds of finish, stain and grille possibilities.  Custom painting to match your walls is also available on this system.

We can’t wait to read your reviews of the new Epic 60 600 160!

President’s wife 🙂 Defacto, that makes her an audio guinea pig, whose only request to the lab is to always run sample products in colors that blend in with the rest of her home!

She considers herself the Audiobyte’s Number 1 fan.

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