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#399284 - 12/16/13 09:30 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: mrihar]
TroyD Offline

Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 295
Originally Posted By: mrihar
I haven't gotten past 0 yet. It's not so much volume that I'm looking for. I want a little umfp in my chest.

I wonder why the mids don't need to be upgraded to a high power version? Will the mids or the tweeters be the weakest link now in terms of distortion at high volume?

The Umpf your looking for is going to be needing a ADA1250 and a couple EP500's
Like I said before I have a HK3490 and 165 w 2 ch , and two ESW 10 subs and at -5db I get air movement, but it is loud as H3LL.
as for the mids and tweets, why high power these don't need to be high power all the balls are in the bottom end. The woofers are what moves air and require the most power. a tweeter is so high frequency it takes nothing to produce.
I know this is not accurate and it all depends on music, movie what is being played and other things going on, but if your using 100w in an instant of whatever it is the woofers probably take 75w , mids 20w at the tweeters may use 5w.

Edited by troyd (12/16/13 09:37 PM)
HK 3490
M80 HG Cherry
2x Energy ESW10 Subs

#399325 - 12/17/13 06:31 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: TroyD]
Powell8 Offline
frequent flier

Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 14
Thanks troyd. That is kinda what I was hoping for. Now all I need are the M80's. After today's phone call, I find out I will probably not have them for Xmas. More than 3 months for delivery??
Order was placed September 16.

#399390 - 12/19/13 12:47 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: Powell8]
Powell8 Offline
frequent flier

Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 14
Good news, spoke to Brent-delivery possible last week of December or first week of January. Better late than never!

#399391 - 12/19/13 12:52 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: Ian]
brwsaw Offline

Registered: 10/12/12
Posts: 1034
I does seem odd it would take that long. Did he comment as to why?

#399407 - 12/19/13 05:00 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: brwsaw]
Powell8 Offline
frequent flier

Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 14
See earlier post #399068.

#399417 - 12/19/13 07:32 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: Ian]
brwsaw Offline

Registered: 10/12/12
Posts: 1034
I was gonna say... I've never had a delay like that from Axiom, not even close.
I missed the credit card part when you originally posted it.

#399430 - 12/20/13 02:28 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: brwsaw]
Powell8 Offline
frequent flier

Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 14
The credit card issue actually had nothing to do with the order being placed. The lack of available high-powered woofers and crossovers, the large number of orders placed with the trade-in promotion, and the good quality control (I hope!)of a small company are the main delayers. Had I gone with the regular M-80's, I would have had them in time for the holidays. Oh well.

#399892 - 01/10/14 04:00 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: Ian]
gjtphx Offline

Registered: 02/20/13
Posts: 9
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
I just got the email from Brent stating that my M80HP speakers are shipped today !
2 M80 HP, 1 VP160 & 4 QS8
Emotiva XPA-2, XPA-5
Denon 3312ci
Oppo BDP-103
Onkyo C-7030
Arcam irDAC

#399899 - 01/10/14 04:47 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: Ian]
Socketman Offline

Registered: 07/12/09
Posts: 1189
Loc: Whitehorse YT
Sweet, hope you got a tracking number so you check up on them every hour on the hour smile
DOG is GOD spelled backwards.
I blame my terseness on my keyboard. smile

#400503 - 01/30/14 01:38 PM Re: New HIgh Powered Versions [Re: TroyD]
JBG Offline

Registered: 06/14/02
Posts: 406
Originally Posted By: troyd
Thanks Ian,

Ok. My current setup is, I have the M80's 6months old.
I just sold my Anthem MRX500. A few reasons, but love the sound and loved the ARC ( not sure which is better really ARC or Audessey ) I am trying to decide what to order next week the Denon x4000 or Anthems new MRX510 and an external amp,
so I am thinking of buying a 300wpc XPA-3 or if I can maybe order the ADA1000 3ch. I just found the MRX500 100wpc just not enough.
SO, my room is being built now it is 11.6W x 22L x 8H ...2000cf

I listen to music and music video's in 2ch or 2.2ch. My reciever did allow movie setup and music. I have two bluray players one for movies for 7.2 and the other would switch to 2ch stereo but had to run subs as just didn't find enough uhmph. I would rather however, that said I found a little more boomy at times. I would rather not run subs. But, maybe I just need to upgrade those to EP500's ??

My question is, either the MRX or X4000 allows dual speaker setups. I can congifure for 2.2ch music or 2.0ch music and if watching movies 7.2 with a complete second set of speakers. I think I really like the sat/sub setup with movies.

in my room size with either XPA or ADA power amp at a decent volumn, I am not looking to concert levels or have ears ringing but maybe a little louder than when watching movies ..... would I be better off to keep the M80 and maybe upgrade the subs ?

So what amp did you go with... what is your end result?

I have the mrx500 and love the sound field it produces (anthem room correction or ARC) , the only upgrade I would think about would be the new mrx510 mainly for the 4k processing unless a new audessey correction gets better than the ARC...

the m100's just sing with my mrx500 + emo amp, they give me the missing bass I had with the m80's, but I see my self giving in for a d-sonic or an Axiom ada-1500-7 before the end of the year..

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