EP350 Subwoofer

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EP350 Subwoofer

For average sized living rooms, the EP350 provides exciting home theater effects as well as serious bass extension for classical or pop music.

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WOW! Deep, deep bass response, incredible power, precise reproduction. The EP350 shakes your senses. This powered sub has a 12-inch cast basket aluminum driver, bass reflex porting, and home theater realism unlike any you've encountered before. Dinosaur footfalls? Explosions? You'll be amazed at the rumbles.

This is an entirely redesigned version of the EP350 subwoofer, using the same driver and enclosure of its award-winning big brother, the EP500. It now features a huge rectangular port for extraordinary bass reinforcement, and a massive 300-watt amplifier for home theater bass you can feel.

"the room shook and it seemed like the EP350 would never bottom out – it sounded great." --Ian Bell, Designtechnica.com
Vortex Port

The EP350 provides serious bass extension for musical use, too - even the lowest kettle-drum notes are reproduced as tightly as in a live concert.

This sub perfectly suits larger rooms, from 2,500 to 6,000 cubic feet. We've included anti-resonance rubber feet or you can purchase optional custom metal spikes with this monster sub -- something has to help you keep it down! It features an output jack so that you can 'daisy-chain' a second subwoofer into your system for even smoother bass response throughout the room.

You don't have to take our word for it - audition this sub in your own home. The EP350 comes with a 30-day in-home trial, an industry-leading five-year warranty and free shipping.

Questions We Get All the Time

What size room do these work in?

Average to large living rooms and home theaters


All Axiom Subwoofers feature:

  • Aluminum Woofers

  • Vortex Porting

  • Powered Built-In Amplifier

  • Adjustable Crossover

  • Variable Phase Switch

  • Output Level Control

  • Line Level and Speaker Level Inputs

Enclosure Reflex
Woofer 12"
Dimensions H W D (inches) 19 x 14.75 x 17
Dimensions H W D (mm) 490 x 375 x 430
0 & 180 Phase Adjust Yes
Balanced In and Out No
Crossover Adjust Positions 2
Die Cast Woofer Basket Yes
DSP Amplitude Response Control No
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Hz 26 - 150
High Level In Yes
Line In and Out Yes
Low Frequency Response to -10dB Hz 22
Max SPL Anechoic 106
Max SPL In-room 116
Power Watts Continuous RMS 250
Power Watts Peak Dynamic 625
Weight in Kilos 22
Weight in Pounds 48
Frequency Graph Frequency Graph
EP350 Subwoofer


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"'EP350 powered sub produces a clean tight bass.'"
Brian Mitchell, Ecoustics.com
Professional Ratings & Reviews
"The EP350 subwoofer really punched out the bass. If you're shopping for home-theater speakers, the Epic 60 should definitely be on your must-audition list."
- Vince Hanada, HomeTheaterSound; Reviewer's Choice
"The low frequency producing EP350 powered subwoofer produces a clean tight bass. This effect added a clean bass punch while never revealing its placement . . . I haven't heard anything else in its price range that comes close to this level of performance."
- Brian Mitchell , ecoustics.com
"...we would not change a thing; they are that great . Because Axiom offers the Epic 80 home theater system at such a value, anyone can have audiophile quality speakers that rival more expensive brands."
- Ian Bell, Designtechnica.com
"I never felt as though I would have to run for the volume control due to unwanted distortions. The EP350 subwoofer created a clean, controlled bass response that filled the room during bass demanding scenes."
- Shamus Coghlan, Toronto HiFi
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Customer Reviews
My home theater room is 15 X 16 feet. The EP350 is amazing. When we watched Pearl Harbor I was blown away.
- .
The EP350 subwoofer had finally been set and 'calibrated' accordingly to your advises posted in monthly Axiom Newsletters. To test the setup of the EP350 with my M80 speakers I wanted to play Camille Saint-Saens'Organ Symphony' but opted for a superb Sony/BMG recording 'Great Organ Classics' instead. This CD is a must for organ music lovers. WARNING !!! Do not play loud this CD with EP350 switched on before securing the china and all breakable items on shelves in your room. Your house will vibrate !!! The enormous and mighty sound of the King of all instruments was brilliantly reproduced by the EP350 with unbelieving clarity and power. I was lucky to be only by myself at this time and played this recording quite loud. I felt the deep 'pedal tones' in my stomach the same way as when I heard live organ concerts in many cathedrals while living in Europe. The organ was right here... in my living room! Next I played the soundtrack CD from the film '1492: Conquest of Paradise'. This beautifull CD is full of deep notes and in fact I used Track #12 to find the best spot for my EP350. Yes Alan, I crawled too to find THE spot. Again the EP350 had no trouble to 'produce' deep, clean, and house-shacking bass. What a difference to the sound of cheep, carton-like boomy pseudo-subwoofers. I have discovered what a difference makes a very good subwoofer like the EP350 to enjoy the full spectrum of well recordered CDs. Now I do not miss the 'BOTTOM' of my favourite music. Before, listening to the music without a subwoofer was like having a dinner without the dessert or worst...a romance without a partner. Once again Alan, my very Thank You for your advise on choosing the right subwoofer for my music preferencies. Listening to my CDs will never be the same.
- Andreas S., BC
Well, the EP350 arrived today and it is absolutely incredible. I have no idea what the EP500 would have done - this thing fills the room with wonderful, commanding bass. Starting out with Alan Parson's 'Games People Play' when the drums kick in is fantastic. Then, my wife is a Lord of the Rings fan so we watched the 2nd one and could actually FEEL the flapping wings on the whatever-was-flying-around thingies. Amazing.
- Brian S., SC
If you want lots of deep BASS, the EP-350 is the product. I have the amplifier turned down and I still have to look at using two hangers for all my pictures in order to keep them straight. The EP-350 will rock your world. Literally!'
- D.H., N S
Now we're talking BASS!
- M.K., ON
This is a great sub.Sounds great and seems to be built just as well. Works great with my M60TI. Very powerful with no distortion.
- Scott
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  • EP350 Subwoofer

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