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In This Month's Newsletter

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

In This Month's Newsletter

Winners of the Facebook Contest!

Winston's Winning EntryWe couldn't have been more impressed with the entries in our Facebook contest - you're a very creative / cute / desperate / well-travelled / musical group!

The picture with the most "likes" went to Winston Miller, whose need for Audiobytes definitely resonated with the largest number of people.  Congratulations Winston - you've won a set of Axiom Audiobytes!

First runner up (you knew there had to be more than one prize in an Axiom Contest) with the next highest number of votes was Dan Drazba, whose retro-chic well-tagged picture was a work of art!  Dan, we're pleased to award you with a $100 gift certificate for being first runner up!Dan's entry

And while we're giving out unannounced prizes, everyone else who entered will be receiving a $25 Axiom Gift certificate from Ian.  We really appreciated all of the entries!

Thanks to all who participated by entering a picture or by voting.  To see all the winners, go to www.facebook.com/AxiomAudio

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

New Product!

Epic 80 v 800 won product of the year!Wow!  We were thrilled to receive Secrets of Home Theater And High Fidelity's coveted Best Surround Sound 5.1 Speaker System award!  The Epic 80-800 took the honors in the annual awards whose winners were announced this week.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Featured Article

Alan LofftTeach Your Kids A Life Lesson This Holiday Season: Three Simple Steps to The Head of the (Audiophile) Class

by Alan Lofft

If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember him: the guy with the dorm room all tricked out with the latest hi-fi system: a vinyl collection to rival a radio station, enormous wooden speakers with brown grilles, and of course, the massive record player, possibly even hanging from the ceiling on chains to avoid any needle-jumping when the party really got started.

Today’s generation of MP3-based music users don’t have that experience. Somehow, docking their highly-compressed music in a $29.99 all-in-one player doesn’t give the same feel of something mystical and magical happening. The music coming out of those players is frequently distorted and almost always altered in unmusical ways.

If that describes how your children listen to music, why not take advantage of the holiday giving season to initiate them into the wonderful world of hi-fi?

No longer the exclusive domain of the guy on campus with the endless record budget, hi-fi music is now accessible at the click of a mouse for any guys or girls interested in looking. From downloading lossless versions of songs to reproducing the music on high quality loudspeakers, it’s just a few short steps from low-end music for the masses to standing head and shoulders above the crowd with a superior system.

So how do you teach your children the ways of hi-fi? In brief, here are the three lessons you need to teach your kids to help them graduate from music novices to audiophiles-in-the-making:

  1. Ditch the earbuds! Upgrade to a good pair of headphones that reproduce the full spectrum of music. There are several high-end brands available: look to Etymotic Research, Shure, or even Koss’ The Plug which is conveniently priced at stocking-stuffer rates.

  2. Choose quality over quantity. Sure, your friend has 4,000 tunes on his top-of-the-line MP3 player, but most of them are of such low quality that the minute he turns up the volume the music distorts. Instead, choose the highest resolution you can for your files and resist the urge to play the numbers game.

  3. Drop the dock. Few if any sound docks can replicate the experience of listening to your favorite music through good speakers: the speakers are too close together to achieve any stereo effect. When you upgrade to a stereo or home theater receiver with USB connection for your MP3 player, you can use top-of-the-line speakers to reveal nuances in music you’ve been listening to for years.  For under $600 you can buy a nice stereo receiver and pair of M3 speakers and bring hi-fi to the MP3 generation.
That’s it! Three simple steps to make your child the new music authority at college this year. If you’re looking for a great system to help them make the leap, check out www.axiomaudio.com. There you’ll find everything from top-of-the-line computer speakers to full-blown audiophile home theater systems, and lots of friendly advice to help you navigate the change from ho-hum to hi-fi.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Featured Question

Three Things Not to Forget When You Compare Home Theater Systems

Axiom's Epic Midi Home Theater SystemShopping for a new home theater system this holiday season? Or perhaps you’re considering upgrading existing stereo speakers into a full-blown home theater? Maybe you’re relegating the old home-theater-in-a-box to the basement with the old TV, and getting a great new home theater to keep up with your new flat-screen high-definition display.

Before you head out the door, here are three tips to keep in mind when you compare home theater systems:

1) Volume levels (loudness) need to be exactly the same for an equal and fair comparison in a store. If they’re not, the louder system will win. That’s been scientifically demonstrated in controlled double-blind tests at Axiom and at the National Research Council in Ottawa, Ontario. As anyone who has worked in the industry will tell you, if floor associates have incentive to sell a particular system, either from their boss or the sales rep for a brand, they’ll employ the “play it louder” trick to help you make up your mind. But really, the only place to audition a home theater properly is in your home, in your own environment, where you can control the volume and use your favorite music and movies to see if this is the right system for you.

2) Price doesn’t guarantee high sound quality. Many brands may look fancy and cost a lot but they lack a real acoustical laboratory required to create a truly high-quality sound. Additionally, long distribution chains from the actual factory to the retail floor can add much to the cost. Axiom has the advantage of both one of the finest acoustical laboratories in the world and a direct-from-manufacturer-to-you distribution.

3) When you compare home theater systems, try playing a DVD or Blu-ray movie, preferably one with lots of special effects and a high-quality Dolby or dts soundtrack (the remake of “War of the Worlds” with Mr. Cruise, is a good demo and test). Listen closely to the dialogue from the actors. Is it clear and understandable? The latter is an excellent test of the the center-channel speaker, which locks the dialogue to the video display. If you can’t hear the dialogue, you can’t easily follow the movie’s plot. It’s a crucial test of any home theater system. The system with the clearest dialogue means you won’t be straining to hear what the actors are saying.

There you have it! Three things people often forget when they compare home theater systems, but really should include. Of course, if you need help selecting a system, my team and I are always happy to help – just call 1-866-244-8796 or email us. -- A.L.

Free holiday shipping ends Dec 16The last day for Free Holiday Shipping is December 16th.  For expedited shipping options, or great gift ideas, call us at 1-866-244-8796. 

Remember Axiom Gift Certificates are available in any value. Get one for a friend or drop a hint.

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Your Latest Letters

M3s in Custom Finish High Gloss Cherry

Dear Axiom Audio,

It’s been three weeks since my M80’s, VP150, and QS8’s arrived and I am extremely pleased with my decision to give Axiom a chance to meet my listening needs. I have been auditioning speakers for the past year looking for that ‘right’ sound.

I listened to many different models from well known manufacturers and narrowed it down to two. Before making my final decision I thought I would give Axiom a try given the many excellent reviews I’ve read on different AV related internet forums. I’m glad I did. When my speakers arrived I was surprised at their weight. And although the cabinets are not wood veneer the fit and finish is excellent.

I hooked them up to my Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi, got them dialed in, and was immediately impressed at the sound that filled my room. During the past three weeks I have spent many hours listening to music and watching movies and my Axioms keep sounding better.

I don’t know if it’s the so called ‘break in period’ or my ears are getting accustomed to the excellent sound they provide. The highs, mids, and lows all combine to give me that ‘right’ sound I was searching for at a price that can’t be matched by anything else I auditioned. I’m looking forward to many years of enjoying my Axioms.

A very satisfied customer,
-- Gary Z., Dousman, WI., on the M80 Home Theater System

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