The Axiom Guarantee

At Axiom, we believe that the only true way to audition loudspeakers is in your own home, with your own system - not in a soundproofed, controlled showroom. Your time, your tunes, your room - the best way to find your perfect fit.

That is why we will send you our products for 30 days with a money-back guarantee. We are so sure that you will love our products, that we can make this offer:

If Axiom loudspeakers do not surpass your highest expectations, send them back to us within 30 days and we will give you a refund. No questions asked. E-mail for a Return Authorization Code to ensure that your credit can be issued promptly upon return of your loudspeakers. Since we've included shipping in our costs, we only ask that you pay the return freight.Below are the prices to return products back to us if you purchase a return shipping label from us. The insurance is included in these prices as long as the product is sent back in its original packaging. Please be sure to keep all original packaging for returning your loudspeakers. If you do not have original packaging, please contact us.

Return Address:

2885 HWY#60
P0A 1H0

Audition in your Home!
Return Shipping from United States using our return shipping labels:

All Brackets $15.00 / each carton
All Bookshelves $15.00 / each carton
All In-Walls $15.00 / each carton
All On-Walls $15.00 / each carton
All Towers $30.00 / each carton
All Surrounds $15.00 / each carton
VP100 $15.00 / each carton
VP150 $15.00 / each carton
VP160 $30.00 / each carton
VP180 $30.00 / each carton
EP100 $15.00 / each carton
EP125 $30.00 / each carton
EP175 $30.00 / each carton
EP350 $30.00 / each carton
EP400 $30.00 / each carton
EP500 $30.00 / each carton
EP600 $30.00 / each carton
EP800 $30.00 / each carton
ADA Amplifiers $30.00 / each carton
AxiomAir Force $15.00 / each carton
AxiomAir Freedom $15.00 / each carton
AxiomAir Transformer $15.00 / each carton
AxiomAir Karaoke Module $15.00 / each carton
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