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July 20, 2011

Interesting Subwoofer Adaptor Question

Filed under: AV question — Alan @ 1:31 pm

I received an interesting question today that I thought other audio enthusiasts might be interested in:

Q.  Hello, I have a question for the EP500 subwoofer input phone, the stereo signal then summed to a mono signal, or only one channel is used, I would like to have a preamp and connect both channels on The Subwoofer,I could take a phone to rca adapter, would that work? thank you ever sincerely in advance for them.

with best greetings

Mario T

My response to Mario was as follows:

A.  Thanks for your question.

No, you cannot use a Y-adaptor to combine the left and right channel outputs from your preamp, because when you do that, the preamp’s left channel output is fed back into your preamp’s right-channel output and vice-versa.

The best alternative is to use the two high-level (speaker-level) inputs from the left and right channels of your amplifier to the EP500 subwoofer. The sub then derives a mono summed signal and passes the full amplified output from your power amplifier on to your speakers. There is no reduction of amplifier power available to your speakers, nor is there any sonic compromise of the stereo audio signals.

How to Connect an Axiom Subwoofer via Phone

Insert a 1/4-inch stereo or mono phone adaptor directly into the input labelled XLR 1/4 phone in.

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