Hi, I read your post with great interest. I think what you have discovered or demonstrated to your self and possibly others is that the amplifier/speaker interface is an important factor that will affect how your system will sound.

As I own an Aragon 4004MKII, I found your comments about this amp very interesting. I too think it is a well engineered. With my early 90's system (Nuance 440's and PSB Passive Subwoofer 1, the bass control is amazing and I find the midrange and treble neutral yet still musical and detailed.(not harsh like some solid state amps-Adcom 555 comes to mind) It was an audible step up from the components that I had before. I like the sound of it and find it interesting that you found the B&K had better bass than the Aragon-must be the amp/speaker interface thing because Aragons are very well known for their bass control and driving ability.

Though I do not own Axiom speakers, I have heard a few models and I respect the company and the value it offers in it products. I also believe that the factory direct companies like Axiom, Newform Research, VMPS and others represent the best value to the consumer regardless of your budget. Axiom defintely has the under $2000CDN market covered. I thought my Aragon would be very compatible with the M80Ti with its higher current demand as compared to the M60. I'll have to do a 30 day trial or something to find out.

Congratulations on finding the B&K that is creating the magic with your M60's. As I do not want to part with my Aragon, I will dedicate its use one day as a subwoofer amp or use on a biamplified tower such as the M80Ti or something else perhaps. Now that you've professed to hearing differences in the sound of power amps it looks now like you have definitely caught the audio bug that many of us have as well.

Enjoy your system!